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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Until February......Day one: tears, chocolate and copious amounts of wine.....

I have started this in an attempt to keep my boyfriend who I shall refer to as "the fit one" up to date with life back in the UK and my on-going quest to become a domestic goddess with the promise of a home cooked meal on his return from Afghanistan....... I imagine the thought of me cooking is actually scarier than Afgahn for him. So with the help of my loyal girlfriends, armed with some Nigella cook books (could she make cooking any more sexual, who knew you could make whisking an egg a turn on - go you Nigella!) alcohol and bad dancing this is my diary of an unconventional army girlfriend. PREPARE FOR MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE NUMBER ONE:

Alternative motivational quote which I think is more up his street:
The fit one should have landed in Afgan by now, I have set aside this weekend to cry and eat chocolate in my onesie but after that the following project begins.....
Project wow the boyfriend on his return:
Be at least half a stone lighter, be able to cook up a culinary extravaganza and know all of the lyrics to some sort of cool indie song and pretend I listen to it all of the time, instead of today's car journey which consisted of using my Dr pepper bottle to sing along to Ace of base......(just want to add I have downloaded the Mumford and Sons album like you suggested so I should get cool music taste points for that darling?)

Warning fit one this is a Christmas post......:
Just seen the first playing of the coca cola advert for this year..... here is a pic for you to get you feeling all festive coca cola style in Afgahn xxx:


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