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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Until February....Day Two: Sunshine, cake, tractor talks and good friends

So today consisted of a massive success - during an attempt to keep busy and spend no money my only option was to clean my house (I know I need to calm down my rock and roll lifestyle) anyway this resulted in an epic find..... 80's classics CD... Winning! I fear the CD may result in another night like this......

I then started to write a list of comebacks for when my neighbours point out that my fence has collapsed into their Garden....

- It's a feature piece
- Lets have a communal garden - I've always liked hanging out with you guys
- Sue me!
- I will let you have as many house party's as you like and I will never complain ever

Today was afternoon cake day with the girls from work - added bonus was the lovely Sarah-lou aka cupcake extraordinaire coming along with a box full of goodies! All fat free of course........
I took nothing along as no one would dare eat my products however we have agreed that the next one will be when I am a successful domestic goddess so I can showcase my skills then.... under pressure!

During conversation I mentioned your request for a certain singer songwriter to play at your welcome home party..... well I have recruited the girls and we are making it our mission to get him to come and sing for you on your return to Norfolk! Angels lets gets busy!

We are currently in training for a flash mob of Gangnam style to be videoed and uploaded to make you and the boys smile, this will be no normal Gangnam style oh no...... watch this space! I think some how tashes will also be involved - standard:

Whilst examining my fence our cats kitten (well not so much kitten now) appeared on the shed next door - Bear as we called him looks so beautiful I just wanted to take a picture for you:

On another note one of my besties has started her new job and is attending an actual potato conference ... this news made me smile along with her increasing tractor knowledge. As you are so obsessed with tractors she is even suggesting that with her new found contacts a ride on a John Deere when you're back may be in the pipeline......!

Not only that the girls have started taking pics of to quote "pimped out" tractors for you - Miss Gouldylocks took this one with the double tyres for you haha:

From tomorrow I plan to put Project wow the boyfriend into full throttle so I shall be attempting the gym for the first time in a while :-) Dear Lycra leggings please be kind to me tomorrow...!

Alternative option is attend "park fit" with one of my friends but would it be my type of park fit? I'm thinking along the lines of......

Just a picture from our fireworks outing before you left - I reckon this was sparkler 35 of the 60 we had...:-)


On a final note for today- I was very proud to be wearing my poppy, to all of the fallen hero's and to the ones serving our country now....thank you:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Oh and one more thing..... I miss you so much, I miss everything but most of all speaking to you. Speaking about anything - like how shit my taste in music is, how much you hate X factor, what a regimental legend you are, how you totally haven't noticed that I have put on weight and just hearing how your day was.

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