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Friday, 12 April 2013

Ready for the next chapter..... it's been emotional

Soooooo my first post in quite a while which I’m super sorry for (bad blogger!)…’s been one hell of journey this tour! I had to take a bit of time out as my life went a bit crazy and I had forgotten what the term sleep was!

Where to start or end as this will be my last post on this blog!

He asked and I said yes: enter massive life changes! I own a matching plate set, I have an engagement ring, I now drink real coffee and have one of those posh things that you put said real coffee in! Oh and I have resigned from my job at the Royal Society of Chemistry, put my house up for rent, I have a new garden fence, accepted a wonderful new job in Oxford, moving in with my super cool Auntie who is from South American iso n my head by the time I move into the Fit one’s and my house in December I will be fluent in Spanish (clearly!) I have some hunter wellies ready for the Cotswolds and I have cried many a tears at leaving my lovely friend’s, colleague’s and family but also snotty happy tears at the amazing new adventure I am about to begin!

Now R&R – that’s right everyone he came home! But in the lead up to that:

So you say you want a Rugby ball in Afghan because you miss touching balls (RUGBY balls!) and could I get you one…..from this I tweeted a few clubs and then before I knew it ABF Soldiers charity had pulled some strings with the super cool London Irish and we had an invite to go and collect a rugby ball from them on the pitch… at half time…..of a real rugby match! Q Pappa Peace hovering around me with puppy dog eyes…..YES YES I have a ticket for you to (secretly needed him to take me as I was pretty confident my driving ability would not have got me there!) Pops turned up looking like a football manager – “alright Harry Rednap!” When we arrived we parked outside the stadium by the director’s space??? Not illegally we were directed there by the people in high vis jackets and clip boards! “Don’t get out the car yet Dad no one’s looking!” In fact when we get out lets act like we are super important, for some reason I adopted a Russian accent!
We then meet the lovely Bernadette from ABF and two of the lads from your Rugby team and headed to our seats….IN A BOX!!!!!! This is amazing! Watched the first half, drank alcohol (In my head I should have stopped drinking but it just kept getting topped up and I didn’t want to be rude, I do have manners!) We then got called to go “pitch side” and walked right passed the players dressing room which I had to be dragged past.... Turns out a Rugby pitch is actually massive!!!!!! I started to panic that they may want to involve Rugby in the presentation of the ball and I would be asked to run and then maybe they would rugby tackle me to the ground....but no we just stood with the mascot and smiled lots and collected said ball!

A few weeks later I went to meet Lewis Moody….. It was the day when it was sunny and a little bit hot! I decided I should wear heals to try and look sophisticated: Arrived at Wimbledon on the train and asked for directions to which I was told “oh JUST up there” I repeat JUST was used! So I took my leather folder and headed JUST up there…….ARE YOU KIDDING ME this is like climbing Everest! I have to stop half way up on a bench along with a lovely tramp called Jack to try and remove my vest (or as my good friend called it the other day…a slip!!???? OLD SCHOOL) Jack holds my leather folder whilst sipping his scrumpy jack and once I have removed said vest through the sleeve of my dress (felt smug about that – skilful!) Said goodbye to Jack and continued my climb, this was like a personal challenge and this hill goes on for ever! I arrive to meet Lewis looking anything but sophisticated – sweating, my feet hurt and I can’t stand up straight and I have a vest in my hands! Lewis is so super lovely and he really is THAT tall! I often feel like a transvestite in heals due to my height but I totally didn’t next to Lewis. We chatted and some exciting things are planned for Military Smiles. At the end of the meeting I ask for a photo and I notice his book on a stand in the office and say “oh I totes read your book!” he asks did you like it? “Yes loved it – it was even better than 50 shades of gray…” OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, why would I say that *style it out style it out!
Mother’s day, my sister and I plan an extravaganza for mamma bear. It’s not widely publicised but I think I want to share how incredible my mum really is. My biological, birth mother whatever you want to call it left when I was a baby and then my Pops was left with me (poor man, went gray early because of that I think!) A few years later he met mamma bear, fell in love and they got married! Some people think “step” parents aren’t the same but I actually have the best mother in the world. She has been there for my first day of school, shit days at school, throwing up after discovering the adult alcohol cupboard with my best friend, first jobs, bad hair styles, gave me a right awesome sister (I will only say that once Nicola) saved me from many a house disaster and even when I don’t listen to her advice and she turns out to be right she never says “I told you so” We have had some awesome arguments and we are both quite feisty, as I get older I realise I am more like my Mum than I ever thought possible. If I can be half the women she is, strong, independent and loving I will be happy! I believe it shows nurture wins over nature.

So to show her just how much we love her we took her to Browns in Cambridge for afternoon tea and cocktails to get her royally pissed!!!! Cheers to you mamma bear!

After applying for a super cool job in Oxford I get offered an interview….OH CRAP there is so much pressure on this for me! Nervous Zoey is not a good look, it’s like a hyperactive caged animal! Stayed at my Aunties house the night before and she has bought me every type of "traditional" English food she could think of, I actually adore her! In the morning she even laid out breakfast for me! Went to the interview well fed indeed:

Interview was going well until I was asked “why should we hire you” to which I reply “because I will no longer support Cambridge in the boat race and will instead totally cheer Oxford on??” *I have totally messed this up, I’m sure of it! Two ours later “Hi Zoey we would like to offer you the job!” OH MY GOD YES YES YES YES so excited to work here and to start this new chapter of my life!

The next day through many a tears I hand my notice in at the RSC, here I have made some incredible friends, been given amazing opportunities, dressed up as Jonny Rotten, competed in the office Olympics and totally smashed “synchronised chair spinning” pub sessions after work, laughter, tears – just basically the best three years and a job I will always look back on and smile……. I better get a good leaving present!

Some of the ace people I will be saying so long for now to:

And then 4 days later…………You came home!!!!

Arrived at Brize Norton and went to get my pass to get me on site, when asked the car registration I proudly used the phonetic alphabet and then asked if Sam had landed….The bemused man looked at me and said “Sam?” Right ok clearly you need more information! Waiting patiently at the arrivals in Brize Norton I could barely contain my excitement, nerves, tears, smiles! Luckily there was a three hour delay for me to get a grip with said emotions….! THEN IT HAPPENED the man I had been annoying for three hours came over and said the words “he’s landed and he is in there just getting his bags, will be two minutes”
You came through the doors and lordy helllloooooo fitty!!!!!! Then you smiled dropped your bags and I had the best cuddle of my life! No tears just massive smiles.

To think I had nerves wondering if everything could/would be the same – it was better, it was like you had never been away! What followed in the best two weeks ever:

Lay ins
Cuddles a plenty
Cooking immense food creations
Drinking – plenty of it
Dinner party’s
Good friends
Birthday extravaganza with some awesome friends and incredible dancing especially Mr Peacock, at one point he resembled a mash up of MC hammer can’t touch this and Kris Kross in the Jump video. Basically we smashed it with the 90’s dancing! All hail the 90’s!
A few more from your trip home:


I had the time of my life, saying goodbye again officially sucked and I have allowed myself this week to wallow in self-pity but then it’s onto the next project as your back in 5 weeks for good! 5 Weeks pfffffttttttt after 4 and half months apart we laugh in the face of 5 weeks – you don’t scare us!

So I leave Cambridge in three weeks, we get married in 6 months and move into our home at the same time. Until February has been my way of coping and sharing my first 6 month tour and it’s been the most incredible journey, when I started writing I could never have predicted the craziness that’s followed but that seems to be the way with our life.  Someone once said to me grab life by the balls – hang right on in there and enjoy every second! So here’s to the next project:
Project Cotswolds, getting married and moving in together…. What could possibly happen?

To everyone that has supported me, us and read the blog – THANK YOU
Until next time: dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die today

In other words grab life by the balls! Worked well for me J
Zoey xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Until February…Days 73 – 92: Man up, spas with no caffeine, truth or dare, and spatulas!

I am back fit one, I removed my head from my arse and decided to get back on it! I started this for you and family however it turns out a few other people like it to. So my bad grammar and hectic life is back on the world of blogging and back to stay. Note to self: Don't focus on negative comments just the positive!
The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and a roller coaster journey of randomness as is my life, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Also let’s just get this out there….. 6 MORE WEEKS I REPEAT 6 MORE WEEKS till your R&R - WINNER!

So the legendary best friend that is Madz came for a visit the other weekend, this excited me more than the winter break return of Home and Away, Sunday roasts and the shops selling cream eggs! In preparation I had a week long alcohol ban aware that on her arrival my body would be tested to the max with Rum induced drinks! During one of phone conversations prior to her arrival we came up with the genius idea of inviting some other friends over for a Mexican feast……..!!!!

I attempted to offer many other alternatives as it dawned on me that said Mexican night would require me actually cooking! They saw through my plan and assured me there was no where they would all rather be than at mine for home cooked Mexican! Q Friday night – collect Madz from the train station in a dramatic reunion style, we like to sometimes choose a movie to recreate at moments like this! That night was similar to the Railway Children being reunited, classy I felt.

Then after waggamammas we headed to the (unnamed) supermarket for the Mexican shop. Let me tell you it was like a lesson in life, for example: “Zo” me “Yes Madz” – “Go and pick up the avocado”…. Of I walk feeling like a cross between a contestant on supermarket sweep and ready steady cook…..whilst running around (for some reason I had a ticking clock sound in my head) I realised a vital piece of information 1. I definitely couldn’t see Avocado down the alcohol aisle and 2. I definitely didn’t know what an avocado was. Back to Madz where I proceeded to take a mental note of everything this goddess friend of mine collected in the store for future reference (clearly I will be hosting another Mexican night)

Back home we went and prep we did!!!!! I was worked hard although after I had slipped Madz a few wine top ups she became less strict! Sooooooo I made homemade guacamole and salsa, poached paprika chicken, chilli and even frosted glasses in the freezer for homemade mojitos!

The girls arrived, we ate, we drank (we most definitely showed that Bacardi who was boss) and then aged from 27 – 30 ish… we played truth or dare!!! Paprika up the nose, shots in the mouth and spinning on a broom, topless run through the village, ice cube in the pants for 5 minutes (harder and much more uncomfortable than you may think…..just saying) I just cannot understated at what point any of this fitted our image of ourselves “classy, understated, not remotely load” hmmmmmmmm!

And do you know what – even though we were our little two bed with my home made food and drink and even a Mexico themed playlist (not sure how I came to the conclusion that Salt n Pepper and Destiny’s Child qualified but they did)  it was one of the best nights “out” I was just missing you.
I have maintained my Gym sessions (does cheer noises to self) and im a total convert to my lycra clad spin instructor! In fact I want him to be the next Mr Motivator because I feel he should be shared with the world! Let’s all see our fat crying together and cycle to awesomeness!!!!! Oh god im quoting him, im quoting him (does shake it off move)

I have also started to up my weights at Body pump…I feel that having a weight lower than this 3 stone blonde I don’t sweat 9 (fine 30) year old in front of me is letting myself down so she is now my pace maker so to speak..

This weekend coolio and the gang (that’s me and the girls) had a night in which consisted of pizza, wine, prosseco and reminiscing over “old school” tracks. I spent most of the evening singing into a spatula and attempting to “slut drop” like teeny boppers do. For those that don’t know what “slut dropping” is:

Step one: inappropriate clothing is necessary
Step two: Gang face (moody, curled lip optional, bad ass eyes
Step three: strut in a two-step format towards dance floor (in my case head towards oven)
Step four: to the beat… DROP down to the floor and sticking bottom out come back up again
Step five: turn and walk away looking into the distance
Step six: Maintain gang face

DO NOT (do as I did and….):
Look more like a toddler trying to walk once you are on the floor
High five the others on successful finish i.e you get back up again
Do the running man as you walk away – not cool!

Sunday we headed for a spa day – we arrived and quickly dealt with the moment of undressing and getting into bikinis. Hit the spa and hijacked 6 beds by the pool then jumped straight into the hot tub! Within roughly five minutes of arrival the spa emptied of couples and we were left on our own, no idea why!

Katy and I have the attention span of a fly, I’m also a big coffee drinker (no link to the fly here just saying)! So within an hour I was craving a drink – headed to the relaxation area for a tea (second best to coffee) AND ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME!!!!! No caffeine anywhere to be seen! Oh it’s about to kick off! “Hi there do you know that you have forgotten to put the coffee and REAL tea out there?” – Lady with perfect face says “Ohhhhhhh this is a Spa (Said in patronising voice) so there is no caffeine!” SHE SAID THIS WITH A STRIGHT FACE!

I robbed up and went next door for a coffee – NO SHAME! Katy then proceeded to ask for her fix….”Do you have a smoking area…?” WOW WOW WOW that actually happened she just asked that! Turns out they don’t have one just in case you were wondering!

After the spa we headed to the pub for a roast dinner of spa champions! Oh a cavery really is the best! We got slightly carried away and just started filling random plates full of food and adding them to the table, looks came from other tables – I feel they were judging but I really didn’t care!
The chef was adorable and proceeded to give us 50% off – I believe fit one that gives us full rights to take your legendary status! Annnnnnnnd he even gave us tin foil for left overs – we wrapped up half a cow, a field of potatoes and I stashed a whole load of stuffing! Fed me for three days! Winning!

This weekend I have Nanna Peace and Mamma G coming for a visit, I plan on taking them to a classy establishment for afternoon tea on Saturday and a roast dinner Thursday – I want to give off an air of sophistication but pretty sure Mamma G will see right through that one.

Oh must not forget my lunch date with the big man himself - Pappa Pace! All hail:

I was driving home from the GYM yesterday and stopped the car to look at the stars, they were stunning and I felt close to you knowing you could see the same stars (Scientist if that’s wrong please don’t email or tweet me I don’t want to know!)

I had a venue visit this week and I had to go past your train tummy did flips and my eyes started to sting! I can't wait to have you home - its that simple! Thats all I want.

This week I have mostly missed: watching the updateaables together, walks on Sundays and watching Rugby!

Until Sunday just know I love you

A good dose of MAN UP!

Soooooo after a chat with some twitter wonders I have realised I need a good dose of man up and to not listen to the shit comments of an unnamed (starts with a D) news paper (news.....pahahahaha) who publish rubbish stories. Writers block though fear of being judged be gone - lunchtime I have a date with my blog and a home made ( that's right people HOME MADE) sweet and sour chicken! I'm back and here to stay (said in dramatic voice similar to Xfactor man mixed in with a touch of Bruce Willis die hard) xxxx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Until February….Days 66 – 72: Spin class of champions (hmmm), hens VS stags and THE dress!

So it’s Sunday, it’s snowing and I felt like that gave me free reign to do absolutely nothing! It was tough and some people may not have had the stamina but not me – no no no like a champion I powered through to the end. I did consider going to the gym but the BBC issued a “weather warning” So what was I supposed to do ignore the BBC….Crazy talk!

This week has been quite uneventful but I did have quite possibly the best spin class of my life – not for fitness reasons but for pure joy that someone like this spin instructor actually exists! Let me set the scene for you…… It starts with a rather unenergetic me arriving in a massive hoody to cover the fact that my leggings have shrunk (clearly that’s what happened) and getting set up on my bike. Caught up with some of the yummy mummys who attend this class, they make me feel like I wish I could say I was in good shape considering I had given birth but no no this body is all on me! And then HE arrives…… In an all in one lycra number with spaghetti straps…..OH MY GOD! It’s Mr Motivator 2013!

Inside I die a little at this point whilst also being massively intrigued at his setting up rituals, kind of like watching a David Attenborough wild life documentary! He struts and I mean struts up to the bike, he uses his elbow to line up his saddle whilst making what sound like sexual noises, he then starts spinning the wheels with one foot whilst standing behind the bike and nodding in my general direction…… I feel like he is judging my hoody…..PIPE down buddy you’re in a lycra onesie stop eyeballing me!

Then it begins and during the course of the class the following is said: “Come on team lets pump this shit – we are cycling our way to awesomeness…!” DEAR LORD OF EXERCISE PLEASE HELP ME! When Sally a nice lady to my right makes a huff noise during an uphill climb she is told “DON’T GRAB DEFEAT GRAB YOURSELF!” Then Mr Motivator takes it old school and we spin to Two Unlimited – There’s no limit during which he SHOUTS through his headset “WHAT IS THERE” A pre prepared pause is on the track – he pulls a Husain Bolt Lighting pose and track restarts so he can shout “THERES NO LIMIT” Next song is a remix version of Elvis Presley a little less conversation, the second part of the track has been dubbed over and goes (all sing with me) “a little less conversation, a little more…….cycling please” I’m sweating with laughter, I can’t bear it anymore but he can’t top this can he….WRONG! “Ladies we are about to go Ibiza on this class – strap on sorry in!” He jumps off his bike as SCOOTER starts to play (I’m sure that’s just what they play in Pacha!) and then he dance walks past us – gets in my face and says “that doesn’t look like the face of a women who’s ass is kissing the seat…” He shouts in other people’s faces still dance walking and then he turns all of the lights out – bumps into at least three bikes on his strut back to his bike – he finally gets back on and produces a glow stick sorry TWO glow sticks – THIS IS ACTAULLY HAPPENING is all I can think.
The last track is a sprint at which I am told “ ARE YOU SWEATING BLONDIE?”  I reply “Yes yes I am” and then he says it – the comment of the year so far “ GOOD BECAUSE THAT IS YOUR FAT CRYING – YOUR FAT IS CRYING LIKE A BABY RIGHT NOW” WOW that is all I have to say.

We all leave the class in silence yet somehow bonded for life by what we have just witnessed - in years to come we can stand proudly side by side and say “we were there, I survived THAT spin class the 16th February 2013!”
A little competition has been started this week between the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen Fit one……clearly there is no competition because we are going to finish you like a cheese cake, crush you and make your Stag do look like dinner at Nandos with a shandy at the pub after. My hens are bringing the PARTY – I expect circus acts breathing fire, hoola hoops, PVC (NOT ON ME) crimewatch replays, to be featured on A&E abroad and possibly end up with a Beyoncé tattoo on my forehead! That’s right Groomsmen we take your challenge and we laugh in its face! THIS….IS…….ON!

Saturday was quite an epic day… was the day that after 30 dresses…..numerous shops (some quite horrific) that we finally found THE dress! Its official I have a wedding dress much to the relief of my incredible Bridesmaids who have been to every shop with me! After travelling across the country we ended up finding this beautiful creation in one of the most local shops possible, it has recently re-opened with new and IMPROVED owners.  I am proud to say I will be wearing a dress to marry you from Shades of White, St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Any brides to be reading this – it’s worth travelling to this shop, travel hours if you have to because trust me when I say you will find a dress here! Ask for Jane because she is just adorable in fact I want to adopt her into my family but all of the staff (family run shop) are amazing, their stock is insane – you will not find one horrific satin flowered overload creation here oh no! That’s it about the dress – no more discussion on the matter, you will have to wait until the day now fit one.
I have missed you so much the past few days, if it’s possible I feel I have hit the “tour wall” I have reverted back to the early days of random crying fits, listing to certain songs on repeat, staring at my calendar urging it to be a bad dream and we are actually only days away from the 25th March for R&R, writing eblueys at 0200 in the morning when I can’t sleep for thinking of you and wearing your Rugby top every night (in between washes obviously, I’m not a hobo!)

 This week I have mostly missed: making inappropriate snowmen with you, having a duvet afternoon together today and being able to run home to you after I had found my dress to tell you excitedly that I couldn’t tell you anything… J

Until later this week, I love you always

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Until February....Days 60 - 65: Full week blues, socks and G-Unit

So as suspected fit one I officially struggled with a first full week back at work….thank lordy for good friends to make the week easier oh and wine…not at work that’s unprofessional - after work obviously tut tut!
Wednesday night called for dinner with the girls….turned up at Katys to find Sarah in an apron cooking dinner whilst Katy manically cleaned the house – I initially felt honoured that she felt the need to do this for me but then she said “ oh God what times your sister coming over?” Apparently she called Sarah in a blind panic requesting she cook dinner whilst Katy cleaned the house all in preparation for my Sisters arrival….. Sarah produced this extravaganza…:

My sister fell asleep and didn’t turn up…FAIL!

Continued the evening by practising make up for the wedding…..Started to feel nervous when Katy came at me with fake tan and a large black sock on her hand!!! “don’t worry I’ll get a makeup brush for the day” After one application they then just burst out laughing and saying things like..”if we blend it more??” I then went to show Katys hubby who just asked me if I had been crying and the word transvestite was used at one point so I’m excited to see the end product as I’m sure you are…..

Friday night I had a gym session…. You always feel pretty pathetic at the gym on a Friday when it’s just you and the gym workers on the machines –note to self MUST GET A LIFE! Went to my Dads after the gym just to confirm that I no longer have a life - that’s the gym and my dad’s on a FRIDAY night!! My sister turned up with her friend and two massive pizzas…. We then watched Hairspray whilst eating mint chocolates….all in all ROCK N ROLL but at least I have recruited Nicola and Jess into the no life crew!
I went for a scrummy lunch date with the ladies on Saturday…ladies what lunch, basically in our heads we were in New York and rocking the sex and city theme, not sure that anyone else in St Ives saw the same image but whatever.

Purchased you some Afghanistan supplies which included kinda bueneos, malted milks, rugby magazines annnnnnd I don’t care that this is sickeningly pathetic and that you will get ripped for having this over there or that you will most likely destroy it upon its arrival….Introducing G-Unit: The tweed clad teddy purchased just for you! Daaaaadaaaaaaa
I also maybe accidently left one pack of malted milks out of the parcel…..bad fiancé points: 55

This week something happened to me… epiphany, a miriacle I don’t know! I went shopping with a lits of ingrediants for scrumtastic dinners. This in itself is as you know not unuualsy but normally I just end up throwing it away as I don’t know how to use most of what I purchase, Not this week! Oh no this week I have cooked for myself three times!! Salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, rice, sweet chille the list is endless and let me tell you fit one it taste good!
Domestic goddess points: 180

Today was the most glorious day and as I woke up to the dazzling sunlight piercing through my cheap curtains I missed you so much, lazy Sundays are not I repeat not the same without you! I instantly sent you an email just to say morning only to see that you had sent one just to say good night….I miss you so much.
This week I have mostly missed: Your massive bear cuddles, watching the undateables together and having a roast dinner and an afternoon drink.

Until Wednesday…..10 weeks and counting - in your face deployment!!!! I love you xx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Until February….Days 54 – 60: Culinary queen, Wedding dress lessons and giggles with the girls

(Still not letting me upload my pics fit one so will do as soon as it's working again! bad eblogger bad eblogger!)

So it’s official…. It’s officially January and I’m officially back at work full time and its officially tiring doing a full week (well I haven’t done it yet but I can already tell it will be) I officially get hungry on the hour every hour because at Christmas you train your body to want food at all times – I believe all of the above is called back to reality.

HOWEVER….. This year I don’t mind that it’s January because I’m one step closer to seeing you and getting to become Mrs “Fit one” ok that nickname doesn’t work so well on me but you get the jist!! Last night I sent you the parcels of dreams….some partners send home made cakes of love I send you three shoe boxes of super noodles…I know I know you’re a lucky man…..

So my new plan is to write my blog at lunchtimes because of two reasons: 1 – It stops me going for pub lunches and spending money by eating the bacon and cheese melt that is my personal favourite although I do get a 10 % repeat customer discount 2. I feel writing a blog at work will help people take me more seriously……hopefully they will walk past my desk and think oh this time last year Zoey was playing on a space hopper she had taken from a venue visit and this year she is eating home made stir fry and writing a blog…project redeem myself is a goer!

This weekend I went wedding dress shopping…. Prior to the first appointment I was informed by my Maid of honour that it is impossible to look bad in a wedding dress….pahahahaha! In your face – I totally proved her wrong! It is in fact perfectly possible to look bad in a wedding dress, at one point I resembled a toilet brush that had been in an ice cream van that had crashed and then a passer-by had picked me up and slam dunked me into a pot of glitter!

The day continued and my Bridesmaids made suggestions such as…”ummmmmmmm well it’s not really bad…”If it had a different top, back and bottom it would be perfect” The snooty lady who was serving us in shop one did not help my mood….”Do you know what you want she asked? “No I have never done this before, any suggestions you skinny…(well I didn’t say that last bit) and she replied “oh no we don’t like to influence you so just pick some….” HELPFUL! And then “for my wedding I designed my own dress and then I made it – it took 600 hundred hours and Im a size -70 and I looked amazing… Here try this dress on” Me – “ummmmm it looks a little big…” skinny perfect bride replied “Yes it’s a size 20 but I can pin it in a bit….) After that a procession of hideous dresses continued, one was so large it actually stood up on its own like a wedding monster ready to attack me!

We left, I nearly cried, we got coffee, I dropped my egg and bacon sarnie, we laughed (cried inside) and headed to shop number two…..

Karen Forte…. OH MY GOD it was amazing! We walked in and got champagne – SOLD! Then we were taken to the biggest changing room ever with seats for all 4 of my party and then curtains for my changing area….let’s just say they rocked! Katy had an incident with a mannequin, Mamma Peace shed some more tears and more champers was consumed.

I have so far this year cooked three dinners from scratch and I have not been ill once….. this is a definite win! Domestic Goddess points: 150

Tonight I attempt the Gym again….. I feel scared about my lycra being less than forgiving of the tin of roses and other misc items I have consumed this festive season. Project wedding dress is my motivation along with my new playlist starting with pump up the jam and boom shake shake shake the room….

This week I have missed everything about you, I have missed getting excited over the same random wedding ideas, missed eating match makers on the sofa and watching the undateables together.

Until Friday….I love you and miss you Fit one x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Until February….Days 45 – 53: Festive fun (and dramas), me vs food, THAT question and good friends.

Fit one I’m home…… back in our dry house complete with a working bathroom and dry living room! All the mod cons in said bathroom like running water that goes into pipes not the floor and a working shower etc you will love it!

So that’s it Christmas is done…. over and out, until next year and all that jazz! What a Christmas it was….. I basically emailed you at all times so you felt part of the day along the lines of:
Email one: Dad just opened the door and is wearing a ridiculous hat (again) love you x
Email two: Just sat down in the living room, Mum has once again insisted on putting overly large weird nuts out on the table with a nut cracker that no one ever uses they just go to the kitchen and get a tin of KP peanuts. Love you
Email three: Tyler is wearing a Keith Lemmon mask and trying to hold a serious conversation with me… love you

PS I stole the mask....

Email Four: The awkward moment your sister and her fella get you a lush present and you know it doesn’t fit the kindle you have so to style it out or be honest….Love you

And so on…..Felt so odd not having you sat in a festive jumper next to me in my amazing jumper from Grandma!

Sat down for epic dinner number one…..The table was a battle between Pop’s classic green and gold festive style and my sister clearly attempting to bring in her attempt on chic table display. This resulted in what can only be described as the after effects of IKEA and Marks window display having a fight and the lone survivors ending up on our dining room table.

Dinner was totally scrummy….Chef Mamma Bear did “forget” the pigs in blankets which I was distraught about…I know she reads the blog sometime so I don’t want to say it ruined Christmas or anything but well….. Seriously though I can’t wait till YOU can cook like that one day for our Christmases…… I will be chief drink poorer…..that’s what Pops is…he poors lots of drinks for himself.

After dinner it was off to Norwich to see the wonderful Mamma G and co….. Listened to some festive tunes on route, stopped off to get petrol which is actually harder to find than you think on Christmas Day and there was some definite jumper envy stares when I pulled up…..Don’t hate the player hate the game!
Arrived to a very festive brother of yours who appeared at the door in a fetching paper hat and took my bags in for me. Then it was inside for cuddles with the family and Pepe the legendary cat of yours…. He was just chilling propped up against a wall (sounds familiar) We then did presents and as we started you called and it was the best phone call ever! Emotional but amazing!

After dinner I got to see your Nan play bop it for the first time which will go down in history as one of the best memories ever for me! What followed was lots more food and I even bought some cakes of my own…..mmmmmm well fine they were made by my sister and I knew your mum would either A) Know I was lying and could never have made those or B) not dare eat them in case I had actually attempted baking so I owned up and said I came baring gifts from my much more talented sister.

The last few days off were a mix of finishing the house off (finally!) shopping in the sales which scared me so much that I had to take my Pops with me as protection and for fashion advice….. bad times when I want my Pops advice on a dress…. To think I used to purposefully want my clothes to offend my parents and now I’m right up there with agreeing that “wow that is not a dress it’s a top…”.hummmmph hummmmmph (turns up nose and acts all superior!)

Had an outing to the cinema with the one and only “Big Red” she loved her Destinys Child best of album….so much so that after the cinema and whilst sat in the lane for Mc Donald’s drive through we had a mega mash up of Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin and Bug a Boo….. I’m talking steering wheel and dash board hitting like drums…some side sweeping of the arms, ghetto fabulous style neck popping and then the lady voice in the box shouted at us to order! RUDE!
Went on a night out with the Girls on Saturday….I even wore heals and Big Red assured me that I did not look like a transvestite in them…! Rocked a tweed jacket in your honour to Fit one. I definitely remember saying when asked what we were drinking…”NOT wine as it makes me drunk and ill…” Big Red…” A bottle of Rose please” What followed was a night of giggles, old friends, random strangers talking to me in the toilet, some dancing, shots (why Oldfield why would you let them do that to me…!) more shots and then a taxi ride back to Big Reds that I don’t remember - apparently I was quite a hoot though….possibly sickness and then Big Red deciding food was needed for us two…12 Pork chops and two pizzas were cooked… we fell asleep…. Big Reds Hubby attempted to climb in through the window as he was locked out….I slept. Awoke to possibly one of the worst hangovers ever….Big Red jumped and I mean jumped on my bed asking if I wanted to walk the dog! Well I was still fully dressed including jacket what harm could it do… sat up DEAR GOD NO I’M NOT GOING IM DYING THAT’S WHATS HAPPENING I’M DYING! To quote me “MY EYEBALLS HAVE NO JUICE I REPEAT THEY HAVE NO JUICE” Three hours later I was forced out of bed with duvet and placed on the sofa, provided with toast and coffee and sugar…..I stopped dying and started to feel like I would survive! Q mental singing of Destinys Child "I'm a survivor...." COFFEE saved me….I was also supposed to be driving to Norwich for my New Year celebrations but I had to delay a few hours whilst my buddy made me better. Good friends rock!

Made it to Norwich, was provided with perfect hangover food by Mamma G and then we went to bed ready for our spa day on New Year’s Eve! We arrived at the Spa, slipped into bikinis (always traumatising after Christmas)  robes on and off we went for breakfast…..oh good croissants to bloat me wonderful but dear god it tasted good! Had a lazy morning of foot spa, hot tubs, sleeping and steam rooms! Lunch was provided with CHAMPERS winner! We definitely got told off for being to noisy in one of the steam rooms – your mum is such a rebel and I love it!
Sooooo quite simply the best thing about seeing in the new year…… that I’m doing it as your Fiancée!!!!! When you asked me to MARRY YOU it was quite simply the best feeling in the world and the best Christmas gift ever. I promise to always bring you cups of tea when your ill, fight with you over the tv remote and win, never agree that Aztec is a good look but most of all I will always be by your side. Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world, not only are you coming home you’re coming home to our future.

Until tomorrow….I love you and Happy New Year Fit one