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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Until February..... Day five: last event of the year, BFG sized coffee and dinner with THE boss!

So today was the big day, my last event of the year and usually I would get a pep talk in the morning from you so instead I did some power lunging in my room to boost my ummmmpphhh!

Arrived at the venue, frantically set up, realised it was all fine and I was actually to my surprise (and probably many others) ahead of schedule! To celebrate this I had the largest latte ever - as big as a mans head some might say;

The day continued on and I met up with an old friend - Dr Benn, who was very excited to be featured on my blog - see how happy he is;

And then during the reception with a glass of wine in hand my phone rings, it's you, it's amazing, I literally run outside in the cold to speak to you instantly regretting running outside but feeling like I had to stay as I'd committed to doing the "I have got an important call got to dash outside run"

Happy me after hearing from you fit one:

I was then invited (yes invited, I did not gatecrash) for dinner with some colleagues all much more important than me - it felt ace to be invited out so I made a mental note for the dinner to follow;
- no alcohol
- avoid politics (crap I'm at a parliamentary event....)
- table manners
- don't talk about myself at all to avoid telling embarrassing stories just nod and say "ah yes" and "hmmmm" lots
Failed on all fronts......however I did find this amazing piece of table furniture.... Yep that's what I'm calling it. It's a cool posh thing for butter and I want one - thinking it will instantly boost my domestic goddess points it's probably not having one of these that's been holding me back:

And so to finish a bath, with a fluffy towel to wrap up in after and a cup of Horlicks because I saw it on an advert -turns out it taste like a baboons bum:

Missing your inappropriate comments during "999 what's your emergency" re runs and hearing your infectious laugh. From Scotland once again, with love xxx

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