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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Until February..... Day Six: homeward bound, tears and pizza

Today started with a breakfast for one set up, you know you have made it at work when you join fellow “business people” eating on their own reading emails……

And then it was so long Edinburgh – as the train left I spotted this beautiful place and I want us to come back here after Afghan?:

Had a slight moment though when waiting for a connecting train…. Went to Costa ordered a soya chai tea latte (standard) burst into tears, nice lady sat me down asked me what’s wrong and pathetically I said that the last time I had this coffee you were waiting for me with it at the train station. I hadn’t actually appreciated how romantic that was especially for you and so I’m thanking you now for A) getting me a lovely hot beverage B) remembering my favourite drink C) Waiting for me on the platform

I was collected from the train station by my now “regular” taxi driver Rodger – he is officially the best taxi driver ever! We chat about life and put the worlds to rights, this is what taxi journeys are all about, Rodger I salute you:

Then I had a good old catch up with a good friend of yours, we are signing up to join his team on Tough Mudder… shit!! We best get our asses to the gym this shizzle looks bad ass!

Although I feel you may be saying something along the lines of:

Pappa Peace the collected me for a dinner date a la pizza express with the roomie too, obviously I had a thin base pizza because I’m on a diet…… yep clutching at straws with that one:

On the way home we found this Christmas wonderland and ice rink…. I am tempted to get my Torvill and Dean on with the girls next week (update of injuries sustained to follow) 

Christmas came early to with this cheeky delivery, much love Santa:

Oh annnnnnnd project get your singer songwriter to come to the Norfolk massive for your welcome home party in May is in full swing… I tweeted him; he ignored me, back to the drawing board…… if at first you dont suceed and all that jazz!
Well it's nearly been a week since you left and on the possitive... it's now a week sooner for you coming home. Until tomorrow, goodnight fit one xxx


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