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Monday, 12 November 2012

Until February....Day three: Sunrises, emails and THE missed call!

So today I woke up strangely happy for a Monday morning, this mood continued all the way to work, even stuck in the wonderful traffic jams - because at that moment in my car with my IPOD playing very loudly I was Bonnie Tyler driving off into the sunrise... (this sunrise was so beautiful I wanted to take a picture for you - now imagine me ruining it with my singing....)

On arrival at work I continued my good mood by being extremely productive - I feel this made my boss very happy and then..........10:30....... I received an email from you and I made a noise that could only be described as a squeal and then I re read you message numerous times which resulted in me smiling and doing a happy arm dance at my desk like so:

So after this excitement I then had a very eventful trip to the post office to request my first ever "bluey" so I can write you letters like they do in the movies.... I also purchased a chuppa chup lolly because I'm cool like that and then a very nice lady behind me asked if you had any single friends she could write to - I declined that offer on your behalf as I found her to be a complete crazy lady!

Here I am proudly displaying the moment I lost my "bluey" virginity (photo taken by said crazy lady):

And then.....13:24...... I missed your phone call!!!!

I then did this:

But luckily you called back and it was the best feeling in the world to hear from you! It meant that on my drive home I could continue my x factor rehearsals by belting out some Cher....(I know you love her so don't even pretend you don't Fit one!)

Thursday night I have managed to blag a family dinner on my return from Edinburgh.... this is mainly because I have no food in the house! I invited Dad over tonight for dinner and a cup of tea ( he had to provide the tea bags as I'm running on empty on the Yorkshire tea front) and for food I cooked wait for it................ eggs and soldiers which I thought was quite ironic

Anyway off to pack for Edinburgh then maybe go for a run..... yep I laughed at that comment to.

Until tomorrow - peace over and out x

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