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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Until February…Day Eighteen: Bath Rugby, tears in the petrol station & hanging out with my friend Merlot…

After having approximately 4 hours sleep from a long #smilecampbastion evening and then a strangely inappropriate dream about Boris Johnson, I was then woken by what I thought was a giant bear pissing against the window – turns out it was just the continued horrific UK weather.

I awoke to lots of tweets from lovely people sending in #smilecampbastion pictures…My treat of the day (because I know you and the others will appreciate this one)
Bath Rugby Club (additional picture to follow so watch this space) Big thanks to Stuart Hooper, actual legend for sorting this and to all of the lads for taking part!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful…UNTIL: I stopped off at the petrol station and all was normal as I queued up to pay. Then the man behind the counter suggested I keep hold of my “daughter” pointing at a “youth” aged probably around 10 years old casually pulling things of shelves and chewing gum and making that popping noise with it. At this exact moment I burst into tears, not attractive tears more whaling snorting tears…. These were not caused by the suggestion that I look old enough to have a 10 year old child but by the fact that I look like I could have raised a real life CHAV! Sob sob...
To console myself I had a little nap when I got home, realised this is a past time I should totally do more often. I then cheered myself up with vibrant PJ bottoms, slipper boots (very chic) and catching up with my good friend Merlot…. Look how happy Merlot and I are…:

Today I have mostly laughing at how ridiculous I was in the petrol station, singing Mumford and Sons together (I like them now) and watching 999 what’s your emergency.. TV gold.

Until tomorrow.. I love you, night Fit one xx

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  1. Hi Zoey!

    Just heard about your blog on the DM! My boyfriend is currently on tour and I can relate to so many things on your blog :), just today I was in the postoffice unwrapping and chopping my Christmas boxes because one was 4cm too big and the other 40grams over weight!

    Keep blogging :) I've really enjoyed reading them and its so nice to hear how other girlfriends are getting on.

    Zoe xxx