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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dear February…Day Nineteen: Newspaper madness, hotdogs and tears before bed

Soooo fit one today has been a bit ridiculous, after minimal sleep and looking a little worse for wear I arrived at work to the Cambridge evening news article. Very exciting and I was super pleased except for the size of my head in the article which was a little on the large side sort of similar to a beach ball.

Caffeine fix down and my phone went mad with people calling from Nationals wanting to do a story on the blog and #smilecampbastion! Eeeeeeek! And then the photographer arrived…… again HOLLY CRAP bad bad choice of clothes – I’m in my "who cares it's Friday" attire due to forgetting to do my washing! And then it was off like a rollercoaster you can’t stop, I gave ONE interview yet it’s appeared all over the news with some nice “quotes” that I don’t remember giving!
On the plus side I always thought if I ever get in a national paper I really hope I’m wearing a waterproof jacket and a hard hat because that would be such a flattering photo...... if not a waterproof a reindeer onsie will do….! Oh wait.....looks like I achieved both - winning!

Photographer got annoyed at me not taking it all seriously…..

Hardly ate anything today (by accident clearly) so was feeling all superior about my “diet” until I invited Sarah over for some dinner – another classic goddess dish was served, hotdogs and tea (wine for me obviously..!)

This is Sarah and I celebrating at untilfebruary –smilecampbastion HQ after we hit 13,000 hits in one day! That’s a whole lot of people seeing my awful grammar, wonder how many hot dogs and tea I would need to persuade Sarah to move in and write the blog with me daily?!

Spoke to you on the phone tonight and I have to admit I was feeling pretty emotional… I’m guessing the wine didn’t help on that front but still it was so tummy warming amazing to hear from you!

OK so a little treat for you now from #smilecampbastion……As you know I am probably the world’s biggest Aussie soap fan (out and proud people out and proud) so all the way from Ramsey Street:

Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne….. (the victory shake above head is currently been done again)

Today I mostly missed being able to speak to you whenever I want, having a bear hug and being able to laugh at the awful pictures of us online…! xx
Until tomorrow, hope you’re smiling – I love you x


  1. this is so sweet!! xxx

  2. This blog makes me cry. God bless you both.

  3. My friend just sent me a link to your made me laugh and cry. Keep up the great work! :)

  4. Im laughing tears if that makes sense, your blog is fab.

  5. I am a military sister and I know just what it can be like with someone you love in Afghan and at Bastion. I think they way you are going to blog about it and document your journey whilst the "fit one" is away is inspiring and a great way to keep occupied, thats the important thing - keeping occupied.

    I would very much like to write a blog about #smilecampbastion and link to your blog if thats ok

  6. My boyfriend is currently in Afghanistan at the moment and funnily enough is due back in February. 80 days left to be exact...not that im counting! Ive enjoyed reading your blog, its made me laugh as well as cry. I think youve brought great comfort to those that are in the same position as you and "the fit one" should be proud how youve turned something negative into something so positive.. The random tears, the fact that youre always checking your phone signal, these are all things that i also face on a daily basis. A ten minute phonecall has never been so good eh? Keep doing what youre doing and i think that smilecampbastion is such an amazing idea. February will soon be here, dont you worry :) Claire xxx