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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Until February….Day Sixteen: Road trip, Gin o’clock and Lewis Moody

Woke up to my alarm… on a Sunday that should be banned! Sleeping has been a bit of a nightmare as my radiators keep making that noise that I originally thought was next doors baby but as you advised my radiators need “bleeding” As I have no idea what this means and it sounds painful I have made the decision to just turn the radiators off and wear more clothes – I’m getting good at this house stuff……

Then it was Oxford bound for a family do…this meant a 2 hour journey in a mini with:
Pappa Peace at the wheel
Tyler rocking out up front
Mamma Peace sitting central in the back
Nikki on the right
Me sitting basically on the door on the left

The journey consisted of battling over the heating, forgetting something and going back, Tyler wearing some ridiculous shades, crisps being consumed at 09:30, Mamma Peace wiggling her way in to the best position leaving me and Nikki nearly sitting outside, toilet stops, caffeine cravings and shocking music. Standard car journey for our family.
Arrived in Oxford and then it was Sunday pub lunch time….. ohhhhhh yeah! Gin O’clock:

I had a pork roast which was just blooming smashing and it had the best Yorkshire pudding – this Yorkshire pudding was nearly as big as my face:

Project #smilecampbastion – probably the loveliest person we have spoken to yet and a total legend:

Introducing Lewis Moody and his beautiful boys:

Introducing the Barmy Army AKA my family:
So far surviving deployment has meant:
Being strangely attracted to the military boots in Office shoe shop..
Re arranging my kitchen, living room, drawers – you get the picture
Not being able to go for dinner at friends’ houses if you don’t get phone signal there
Being on first name basis with the lady at the post office
Realising I have awful handwriting now I write “real” letters
Booking out evenings in my diary to pack and wrap parcels
Planning to have a goddess like body on your return… planning…..

Today I mostly missed you – you being with me at the pub stuffing your face, having a Sunday film day and laying in bed listening to the rain.
Until tomorrow fit one, I love you x


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  1. Loving the Blog My husband was in Afgan this time last year. This year he is in the Falklands, think he is determined not to spend a Winter in the UK! The rearranging things and knowing the lady at the post office made me laugh out loud, how very true!