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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Until February…Day fifteen: Pillow cuddles, salted latte’s and Pappa Peace

Turns out Saturday’s are pretty tough without you, I woke up pretty certain my pillow was you – it wasn’t, I nearly cried, then I looked at your photo and realised you would have said…”stop being such a girl and man up”! So I did - I put my music on to avoid the silence that kept screaming at me (I’m aware that line makes no sense)
Not sure my housemate appreciated 80’s classics at 0700 but hey ho…. Luckily for me I managed to fall back to sleep – got to love a Saturday doze fest.

Then it was project #smilecampbastion, it was so ace to hear from you that peeps are loving the project and it really is making you all smile. I have met some absolutely amazing people darling; we now have a dream team on the go all working hard to spread massive full teeth showing smiles to you all.
My personal favourite of the day…(at this moment I’m getting ready to do a victory shake above my head and possibly a little celebration dance MC Hammer style)
Ewan Macintosh (I know you will loooove this Fit one)

Kimmy (A founding member of the Dreamteam)

Working hard at smilecampbastion HQ with tea and copious amounts of cereal as I have run out of any other type of food….

It was then time for a date with Pappa Peace woooo hoooooo! Collect you at 1pm he says…..1:45pm he means – not that I was ready and waiting by the door because that would be sad….! We set off on a wild adventure for cotton, could my life be any more rock and roll! Pops is still loving his Mini well it’s a mini on steroids (yes that big not so mini mini) but he loves it, you should see his little face when he drives it, similar to this:

I mentioned how starving I was due to lack of food at residence peace, ok I mentioned it lots of times and eventually Pops suggested a Costa coffee lunch stop… RESULT! Here I managed to find a glass of heaven which was called a salted caramel latte…it tasted so good that I had to tell the man next to me that he should go and get one.
Then it was time for mega biscuits… I’m talking biscuits of epic proportions, this biscuit was nearly as big as my face - I am going to get you one when your home:
I have some good news… the neighbours are totally loving the whole communal garden area after the fence collapsed, in fact I don’t know why more people don't do it. Look at their really happy faces; I don’t think they could be happier – it’s probably the best Christmas present ever. Just call me Santa....
I spent the evening hanging out with a bottle of wine; we got on really well like usual (unbreakable bond) XFactor and giggles with the girls.
Today I mostly missed waking up next to you, croissants with smoked salmon for breakfast, reading the papers and laughing together at nothing at all.

Until tomorrow Fit one.... x

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