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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Until February…Day Forty two,three&four: Flooding, tears and Christmas Holidays

Fit one please can you come home now….I am missing you far too much and I need a cuddle on the sofa with a cuppa and Big Bang Theory (new season clearly)

The delay on my posting was due to the catastrophe (I appreciate that’s a bit of a strong word but let me have it as I’m still in self pity mode) when the shitty shower decided to turn my house into the village swimming pool…! One very wet bedroom, water coming through the living room ceiling and said ceiling looking on the low side…! What followed was a panic phone call to my Mamma Bear (no answer) Pappa Peace (no answer) Sister (no answer) THIS IS NOT GOOD! Finally my sister who is yes 7 years younger called back and told me to turn the water off….. good thinking! Darn I wish I was wise and beautiful like her! Couldn’t turn the tap thing off as it had clearly been tightened by some form of Iron man!
All that was left to do was sit in the dark with one bar of battery left on my phone and wait for my parents because I would have to have been swimming lengths in the living room before I would pay for an out of hours festive season plumber!

I wished you were with me at that point more than anything in the world including knowing where my wellies were. Finally Pappa Peace called back a wee bit tipsy – they had been out but luckily Mamma Bear was designated driver and they were on their way over! When they arrived it was incredible….Mamma Bear took control of the troops and gave us clear orders as she entered the “danger zone”, she then went straight to the tap and with the strength of a war horse she turned it and stopped the water (in my head I was playing a dramatic theme tune to emphasise this glorious moment) Then we followed our commander upstairs where we started to work on Project: Damage limitation. It’s times like this where I just wanted to bow down to the awesomeness of Mums! Basically she had the presence of M off James Bond, all cool and collected but with a Bob the builder’s tool kit and Pappa Peace is more James May than Bond.
Friday was the last day of work, I was exhausted after minimal sleep! Finally finished and was treated to dinner at my lovely friend’s house (R&B – Fleetwood Mac lovers) and coooooor was it a treat! I consumed Gin and Wine before we ate a thing (good for me bad for them) then came a feast of champions! Even had homemade crackers – this women puts me to shame, here I was acting the big Domestic Goddess after my successful completion of a cake but as if that competes with homemade Christmas crackers… who was I kidding…I’m a fraud! This is my idea of being a domestic goddess:

My Pops very kindly offered to pick me up…. This is something that hasn’t happened to me in at least 10 years and I have to admit I started feeling nervous as I realised how drunk I was… Called Pops to delay collection as pudding hadn’t been consumed and attempted to sound as sober as possible which got the following reply on the phone “Darling if you’re trying to sound sober it’s as good now as when you were 16!” Darn it that man was good!

Today I awoke with a slight headache…nothing to drastic. Breakfast and a cuppa cleared it right up. A shower would have been nice but nope that wasn’t going to happen at home so off to my parents for a wash….high flyer! I was greeted by my Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Joan who have come to stay for Christmas, and its fair to say they were chomping at the bit to get involved with the Bathroom on project: Stop it looking like a pile of crap and fit a shower! Soooo today we have mainly been seeing how many people you can fit in the bathroom and fixing it up. I tell you one thing Fit one, I come from a family of super cool strong women and today was soooooo inspiring and overwhelming! They worked non stop and we achieved so much in one day…. It shows what can be done with the help of family and determination. I just wished you were here to meet them.
When I eventually sat down on the sofa with a glass of wine it felt so good! Only thing better would have been having you with me to help me get all of the bits of wall out of my hair from the bathroom.
The past few days I have mostly missed…having you here to wipe my tears, you holding buckets with me to stop catch the water and laughing about all of this together.

Until tomorrow, thinking of you all the time xx




  1. I think what your doing is great. My twin brothers got home from Afghan in November and I understand how hard it is to have loved ones out there. They told me that after a couple of months the thing that kept them going was the letters and e blueys from home more so than the parcels that we were sending. I have no doubt that when times get really tough having a daily update from home will be the thing that sees him through. I wish you and the fit one as merry a Christmas as is possible and a safe and happy new year.

  2. I love this..! Just sending an e-bluey out to my boyfriend who's also out in Bastion and came across your blog being promoted on the ITV news website. I'm an army GF novice so this is his first tour for me, and it's good to know that we are all in the same boat! I'm thinking you should forget the diet until at least mid Jan?! Enjoy Christmas :-) Jess x