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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Until February…Days forty&forty one!!! Broken shower, grumpy pops and desk envy

Fit one today I miss you sooooo much, I passed a guy in his Army uniform today in Tesco’s and tears started to well and then I remembered what an ugly cryer I am and that this would not be a good place for snotty tears.

I have been a bar humbug all day and due to being sad I have been forced by my emotions to eat copious amounts of chocolate…

Got up this morning and stumbled into the bathroom as per usual, turned the shower on in a bit of daze and jumped in. Something had definitely happened to the shower…. For starters there was no power and it was more like being pissed on by a puppy which is never a good start to the day. It was a bit cold to but by that point I was late so decided to carry on….bad moved as I was then scolded by the puppy piss of a shower as the thermo whatever has broken!!! I then tried to turn it off…. Nope that didn’t work either!! It was at this point that I tried to remember my reasons for NOT buying a new build…..! I propose we get this shower as a replacement:
Work is still a countdown for the Festive holidays and I arrived in a pretty bad mood (puppy piss being the reason) and the fact that I hadn’t been able to get the shampoo out of my hair which resulted in flat hair and no one wants that on a Wednesday! Luckily the BOSS had purchased a massive box of chocolate goodies and due to the flat hair and missing you my emotions insisted I eat some and I was not ashamed that it was 09:58 let them judge me!!

Yesterday Pops decided to go an adventure on the bus…he did lots of Christmas shopping and then got the bus home….. or not… he got the wrong one leading to him getting stranded as there were no more buses! Q phone call to me…. “I HATE LIVING IN THE COUNTRY….NO MORE BUSES AND IT’S NOT EVEN 16:00!” Alright pops calm down well if the bus was wrong he should really take you to your village …..! “Well no he wasn’t technically …I got on the wrong bus sooo ummmmmmm but still it’s a stupid system” (As a parent you are allowed to use the phase blame the system lots)
As I was over an hour away he ended up walking back to mine which was miles away, I called a friend who was finishing work near him soon. I asked if she saw a balding grumpy yet adorable man with lots of boots and Thortons bags (you know that’s where he went for his Xmas shopping) walking on the side of the road shouting “I hate the bus system” please could she kindly collect him and take him home!

Proper desk envy at work…people are going all fancy now with desk decorations with my desk neighbour even having USB plug in computer lights! I feel like such a let-down with my cast off piece of tinsel stuck to the top of mine!

Keep looking at our Christmas tree and smiling because I can not wait for our festive fun next year! But before that we have Isle of White Festival to look forward to… my wellies, facewipes, sunglasses and sleeping bag are raring to go!!!

Today I have mostly missed you.. all of you…just you.
Until tomorrow... I miss you xx


  1. Just sat here reading through all your posts (whilst trying not to cry) - you are truly inspiring and strong, hope "the fit one" knows how lucky he is to have you waiting for him. I wish you both all the best, lots of love @tash2897 xxx

  2. I love this post but you've got to change White to Wight ... it's my biggest pet hate EVER ;)

  3. You absolutely must put the tree up again once he is home and have a mini Christmas then

  4. Hi, Zoey! I could see that this happened a year ago. But for your readers out there, I just want to share this: the not-working-shower could be a valve or pipe problems. Check where is the shower's plumbing connected and look if there are cracked pipes. Call a plumbing service before you decide if it needs a replacement.

    Darryl Iorio @