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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Until February…Day Thirty four & thirty five: Double trouble, chilli and Forces News

A little mash up of Wednesday and Thursday….

Sooo Wednesday was another day of de-icing with the calculator and update; it’s now officially not working! You just can’t get the equipment these days. I arrived at work on time (followed by a victory shake above head in the car park) and set about a productive day!
Productive day didn’t work, everything went wrong: Hole in tights, flat hair, cracked lips, someone stole my ruler, meetings over ran, shitty phone call….. Listened to 80’s love songs all the way home which is traumatic enough, by the time I got in I was an emotional wreck! Slammed door, stomped to fridge for wine… NO WINE NO BLOOMING WINE!!!!

Then you called – the world is right again because I spoke to you.
Sooooo I got changed, took a dose of “man up” and headed out to my friends, we haven’t seen each other in ages and I was so excited!!!!! I arrived and realised we have officially grown up…. (SOB SOB) She has GATES!! actual gates that you have to open to get to the drive….For Christmas I may buy some lion ornaments for either side as I feel that will complete the look and then maybe every time I leave hers I will knock one over as I reverse the car and that can be our “thing”…all good double acts have a “thing”.  
What followed was a night of chilli con carne (mild spice), copious amounts of tea, potatoes, belly laughs, dog farts, wedding talk (hers – don’t panic) , cuddles, adult talk about pensions and working hours….. dear lord baby Jesus what is wrong with us!!! Cracking night though and I realised just how much I had missed this woman!
Today I woke up a shivering mess…. I had someone managed to get into my duvet, actually inside but was lying on top of the thick bit and just had the thin part coving me. I was frozen, couldn’t fully feel my legs and then became extremely claustrophobic – mild panic set in as my legs appeared to be suffering from cold induced tingly weird leg syndrome and wouldn’t react when I told them to! I flapped around like a deranged fish out of water and finally won the battle of the duvet cover…. In your face duvet! Project strong independent women: 18 points
Got to work and parked next to a flash fiesta, he had antlers and a rudolph nose! My Punto felt massively underdressed and I was tempted to leave a note on the windscreen saying “got ready in a rush… don’t judge me!” then I decided I will instead buy a car hat like this one because you dont look stupid at all - in fact it screams I'm an adult with a professional career.... hmmmmmm.......:

Successful day at work, I completed a project (calling it a project makes it sound better I thought??) that was massively overdue – It was in fact so overdue that when I had finished said “project” we all sat back and did some clapping and then some whooping and I even stood up to take a bow.

Spent the evening at British Forces news with Pappa Peace, what a bunch of super lovely amazing people! They gave us coffee and an array of biscuits including jammy dodgers! Best part of the day was seeing your interview; you looked amazing in fact I believe I was quoted as saying “svelte”! I did see a flash back of me on the screen and all I can say is the bags under my eyes were not an addition I would have chosen to accessorise my look

Today I have mostly missed you making me smile, falling asleep on the sofa together and getting excited for Christmas.
Until tomorrow… sweet dreams

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