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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Until February…Day Thirty Six & Thirty Seven: Secret Santa panic, the work lunch and a egg issue!

Sooooo Fit one apologies for another double up of days but it was the time of year again for the annual Festive Christmas work lunch. I woke up extremely excited for this on Friday… I had even planned a nice (ish) outfit to wear to replace my usual casual Friday attire.

I managed to get dressed, look reasonably ok, eat breakfast, de-ice my car and pick my friend up on time!!! Project: Goddess of timekeeping….26 points. Then she mentioned secret Santa……. CRAP, DUKCY DUCK, DEAR LORD BABY JESUS….. I had totally forgotten! Right diversion to Tesco (deduction on goddess of timekeeping: 26) Well Tesco’s was a complete let-down so in the end I purchased my secret Santa this… A giant calculator which is what every professional 30 something wants in their life!
We get to eat our festive lunch in Cambridge’s answer to Hogwarts…it’s pretty epic! On the way in I realise that there are at least 100 people that I don’t recognise….seriously where do these people hide at work! I have never seen you ever!
Hogwarts Cambs stylee....
What followed was some totally scrummytastic amazing food that I stuffed in my face so quickly that after it I was struggling to talk and stay awake… Why do I do that at Christmas lunches – I literally force food down. When asked “Zo, do you want my pigs in blanket?” What I planned to say was no thanks, what I said was “Hell yes I do – chuck those beauty's over here!”
I did have a few tears after lunch, feels weird celebrating Christmas without you. Silly things like we won’t be pulling crackers, wearing cheap paper hats, swapping items we don’t like onto each other’s plates, drinking mulled wine and wearing our festive jumpers. I felt bad for feeling happy at the Christmas lunch…. Is that stupid? I know you want me to be happy I just felt bad that I was.

Friday finished with me falling asleep on the sofa and waking up with a burn mark on my face from the laptop charger overheating slightly, went to bed grumpy and with an ice pack.
Today has been a day of lay ins – not quite as epic as last week but enough to reduce the size of my bags from USA to UK.

I then did the video the Military Smiles #smilecampbastion project. I was pretty nervous considering I had no idea what I was doing, no experience in anything technical and my computer might as well be from the 80’s! Anywhoooo I set up “camp” in the living room with the essentials:
  • Duvet
  • Coffee
  • Bacon Sarnie
  • Pink Panther biscuits
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • An idiot abroad on the TV (pre-recorded so I can skip the adverts – winner!)
And this is what the end product is on our FB page as I have tried to upload it onto here four times and now I give

Nipped out (pointless saying really, I think you're either out or not – don’t really believe in popping or nipping anywhere) So I just went out to town for the weekly food shop, what could possibly go wrong! Picked up some eggs and went to do the turn over test to see if they were broken (check before you buy –standard procedure!) when an old lady bumped into my arse with her trolley knocking me into the shelf which consequently squished said eggs onto my chest! I would usually attempt to style it out in most situations but this was a losing battle from the start! A group of youths… yes youths laughed pretty much in my face, old lady said sorry and tried to wipe my chest then I’m pretty sure she smirked at me….!! I eventually took my coat off (I was embarrassed which leads to nervous sweats anyway) paid and quick stepped it outta there!

Project sophisticated and classy: Deduction of 30 points

I was a bit gutted tonight as I was unable to attend my Burlesque night (due to not ordering said outfit in time for delivery) sooo was sat at home feeling sorry for myself when the lovely Lou popped over with a massive bottle of baileys and chocolate! That woman knows my weaknesses! Evening of drinks and chocolate followed, just what the doctor would advise against but it just taste so good that I don’t give a hoot!

Just received a card through my door.....most definitely thought I was being burgled but no instead its my parents delivering their Christmas card to us at 00:00 because they clearly have more of a social life than me... BAD TIMES! Also to follow on from my parents being dirty stop outs....its always nice to receive a festive card based around nipple tassel's, leather and sex! My parents insist on moving up the scale of "embarrass our daughter" ever year!

Today I have mostly missed sitting with you on the sofa surfing the net for songs for our video, napping in the afternoon and planning a roast for tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow…just know I will be dreaming of you


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