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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Until February…Day Thirty two: Frost, office festivities and Borris.

I am writing this curled up in bed in my upgraded sleeping attire… teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirt this time! Man I really wish they would bring that show back! I miss Raphael… I would totally have been him and if not actually him we so would have been friends and eaten pizza together. Anyhoooo back to my day...

This morning it was romantically cold, the kind of cold you see in a movie…all sparkly and that weird light that makes everyone look good (nearly) and the grass crunched under my feet as I walked to the car. It also minimised the damage when I stood in the dog poo – should have taken the path (shoulda woulda coulda). Car was frozen, turned it on and then assessed the intensity of the frost on the windscreen and windows…. It was bad which was unlucky as I had used all the de-icer and the car scraper thing was nowhere to be seen. I was also most definitely bordering on late…. CRAP!!!!

I ended up de-icing the punto with a calculator, yours actually…the one in the door in a case? For future reference this should not be first choice for de-icing the car as its hard work, took ages and the calculator is now not that accurate with sums especially multiply and divide….
Arrived at work and had a very productive morning, I was totally showing my list who was boss! The jobs were being ticked off stupidly quick… in your face list! I am Zoey queen of productivity, holder of the ability to multi task, spread sheet guru…..A CHEST FULL OF CHOCOLATE?? Did someone say there is a chest… full of chocolate… under the Christmas tree… MOVE!! I athletically (ok that isn’t true but let me have it please) leapt towards the tree, my eye was on the prize; with one swift movement I was victorious!

Sugar high meant sugar low for the rest of the day…..

Arrived home, called the gym to book a space on body pump, it was full… I did a dramatic “I’m so disappointed sigh” whilst secretly being ecstatic because basically I had attempted to go (points for “attempting” project DREAMBODY:  28 ) and I was actually being cosmically ordered NOT to go to the gym! I believe this is called.
I spent the evening continuing on my quest to make homemade goodies…one was based around you for a family member and as I sat at the Kitchen table, covered in glue, glitter and stray bits of cut up paper it hit me that you won’t be here.
I don’t know why it’s only just dawning on me that we won't be together to eat copious amounts of food, play shite board games, watch Elf to many times and quote “SANTA… I KNOW HIM” all over the festive season.  I was shaken out of my snotty tear fest when I realised (due to the fact we have no blinds in the kitchen and now a “communal” garden) that next door and their guests could quite clearly see me.. I'm not a pretty cryer as we both know.
Quick Twitter check and the next #smilecampbastion supporter is one of my favourites and also appears in my dreams sometimes but the less said about that the better….Daaaaaddaaaaaaa:
Borris Johnson (can I get a whoop whoop!)
Today I have mostly missed calling you at lunch to tell you about the chocolate chest, planning Christmas together and snuggling up to keep warm tonight.

Until Tomorrow.... SANTA I KNOW HIM!

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