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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Until February….Days 45 – 53: Festive fun (and dramas), me vs food, THAT question and good friends.

Fit one I’m home…… back in our dry house complete with a working bathroom and dry living room! All the mod cons in said bathroom like running water that goes into pipes not the floor and a working shower etc you will love it!

So that’s it Christmas is done…. over and out, until next year and all that jazz! What a Christmas it was….. I basically emailed you at all times so you felt part of the day along the lines of:
Email one: Dad just opened the door and is wearing a ridiculous hat (again) love you x
Email two: Just sat down in the living room, Mum has once again insisted on putting overly large weird nuts out on the table with a nut cracker that no one ever uses they just go to the kitchen and get a tin of KP peanuts. Love you
Email three: Tyler is wearing a Keith Lemmon mask and trying to hold a serious conversation with me… love you

PS I stole the mask....

Email Four: The awkward moment your sister and her fella get you a lush present and you know it doesn’t fit the kindle you have so to style it out or be honest….Love you

And so on…..Felt so odd not having you sat in a festive jumper next to me in my amazing jumper from Grandma!

Sat down for epic dinner number one…..The table was a battle between Pop’s classic green and gold festive style and my sister clearly attempting to bring in her attempt on chic table display. This resulted in what can only be described as the after effects of IKEA and Marks window display having a fight and the lone survivors ending up on our dining room table.

Dinner was totally scrummy….Chef Mamma Bear did “forget” the pigs in blankets which I was distraught about…I know she reads the blog sometime so I don’t want to say it ruined Christmas or anything but well….. Seriously though I can’t wait till YOU can cook like that one day for our Christmases…… I will be chief drink poorer…..that’s what Pops is…he poors lots of drinks for himself.

After dinner it was off to Norwich to see the wonderful Mamma G and co….. Listened to some festive tunes on route, stopped off to get petrol which is actually harder to find than you think on Christmas Day and there was some definite jumper envy stares when I pulled up…..Don’t hate the player hate the game!
Arrived to a very festive brother of yours who appeared at the door in a fetching paper hat and took my bags in for me. Then it was inside for cuddles with the family and Pepe the legendary cat of yours…. He was just chilling propped up against a wall (sounds familiar) We then did presents and as we started you called and it was the best phone call ever! Emotional but amazing!

After dinner I got to see your Nan play bop it for the first time which will go down in history as one of the best memories ever for me! What followed was lots more food and I even bought some cakes of my own…..mmmmmm well fine they were made by my sister and I knew your mum would either A) Know I was lying and could never have made those or B) not dare eat them in case I had actually attempted baking so I owned up and said I came baring gifts from my much more talented sister.

The last few days off were a mix of finishing the house off (finally!) shopping in the sales which scared me so much that I had to take my Pops with me as protection and for fashion advice….. bad times when I want my Pops advice on a dress…. To think I used to purposefully want my clothes to offend my parents and now I’m right up there with agreeing that “wow that is not a dress it’s a top…”.hummmmph hummmmmph (turns up nose and acts all superior!)

Had an outing to the cinema with the one and only “Big Red” she loved her Destinys Child best of album….so much so that after the cinema and whilst sat in the lane for Mc Donald’s drive through we had a mega mash up of Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin and Bug a Boo….. I’m talking steering wheel and dash board hitting like drums…some side sweeping of the arms, ghetto fabulous style neck popping and then the lady voice in the box shouted at us to order! RUDE!
Went on a night out with the Girls on Saturday….I even wore heals and Big Red assured me that I did not look like a transvestite in them…! Rocked a tweed jacket in your honour to Fit one. I definitely remember saying when asked what we were drinking…”NOT wine as it makes me drunk and ill…” Big Red…” A bottle of Rose please” What followed was a night of giggles, old friends, random strangers talking to me in the toilet, some dancing, shots (why Oldfield why would you let them do that to me…!) more shots and then a taxi ride back to Big Reds that I don’t remember - apparently I was quite a hoot though….possibly sickness and then Big Red deciding food was needed for us two…12 Pork chops and two pizzas were cooked… we fell asleep…. Big Reds Hubby attempted to climb in through the window as he was locked out….I slept. Awoke to possibly one of the worst hangovers ever….Big Red jumped and I mean jumped on my bed asking if I wanted to walk the dog! Well I was still fully dressed including jacket what harm could it do… sat up DEAR GOD NO I’M NOT GOING IM DYING THAT’S WHATS HAPPENING I’M DYING! To quote me “MY EYEBALLS HAVE NO JUICE I REPEAT THEY HAVE NO JUICE” Three hours later I was forced out of bed with duvet and placed on the sofa, provided with toast and coffee and sugar…..I stopped dying and started to feel like I would survive! Q mental singing of Destinys Child "I'm a survivor...." COFFEE saved me….I was also supposed to be driving to Norwich for my New Year celebrations but I had to delay a few hours whilst my buddy made me better. Good friends rock!

Made it to Norwich, was provided with perfect hangover food by Mamma G and then we went to bed ready for our spa day on New Year’s Eve! We arrived at the Spa, slipped into bikinis (always traumatising after Christmas)  robes on and off we went for breakfast…..oh good croissants to bloat me wonderful but dear god it tasted good! Had a lazy morning of foot spa, hot tubs, sleeping and steam rooms! Lunch was provided with CHAMPERS winner! We definitely got told off for being to noisy in one of the steam rooms – your mum is such a rebel and I love it!
Sooooo quite simply the best thing about seeing in the new year…… that I’m doing it as your Fiancée!!!!! When you asked me to MARRY YOU it was quite simply the best feeling in the world and the best Christmas gift ever. I promise to always bring you cups of tea when your ill, fight with you over the tv remote and win, never agree that Aztec is a good look but most of all I will always be by your side. Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world, not only are you coming home you’re coming home to our future.

Until tomorrow….I love you and Happy New Year Fit one


  1. Awwww that's amazing news, congrats!! Love reading your blog :-)

    Heather x

  2. I just love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. I have had withdrawal symptoms though over Christmas wondering where you were, but now you're back and I'm a happy bunny again....and now WOW your amazing news. I'm so, so chuffed for you. Happy New Year...Jo x

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations :)

  5. Congratulations!!!!!

    My bf goes next year to Afghan for 9 months, and your lovely blog is helping me see it won't be the end of the world and you can get through it!

    thank you xxx

  6. Comgrats to you both! (Love your blog!)

  7. Congratulations to the both of you xx

  8. That's amazing news!!! Congratulations :D *tears in eyes*

  9. Ah, congratulations! Stop making me cry at my desk when I read your posts!