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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Until February….Days 54 – 60: Culinary queen, Wedding dress lessons and giggles with the girls

(Still not letting me upload my pics fit one so will do as soon as it's working again! bad eblogger bad eblogger!)

So it’s official…. It’s officially January and I’m officially back at work full time and its officially tiring doing a full week (well I haven’t done it yet but I can already tell it will be) I officially get hungry on the hour every hour because at Christmas you train your body to want food at all times – I believe all of the above is called back to reality.

HOWEVER….. This year I don’t mind that it’s January because I’m one step closer to seeing you and getting to become Mrs “Fit one” ok that nickname doesn’t work so well on me but you get the jist!! Last night I sent you the parcels of dreams….some partners send home made cakes of love I send you three shoe boxes of super noodles…I know I know you’re a lucky man…..

So my new plan is to write my blog at lunchtimes because of two reasons: 1 – It stops me going for pub lunches and spending money by eating the bacon and cheese melt that is my personal favourite although I do get a 10 % repeat customer discount 2. I feel writing a blog at work will help people take me more seriously……hopefully they will walk past my desk and think oh this time last year Zoey was playing on a space hopper she had taken from a venue visit and this year she is eating home made stir fry and writing a blog…project redeem myself is a goer!

This weekend I went wedding dress shopping…. Prior to the first appointment I was informed by my Maid of honour that it is impossible to look bad in a wedding dress….pahahahaha! In your face – I totally proved her wrong! It is in fact perfectly possible to look bad in a wedding dress, at one point I resembled a toilet brush that had been in an ice cream van that had crashed and then a passer-by had picked me up and slam dunked me into a pot of glitter!

The day continued and my Bridesmaids made suggestions such as…”ummmmmmmm well it’s not really bad…”If it had a different top, back and bottom it would be perfect” The snooty lady who was serving us in shop one did not help my mood….”Do you know what you want she asked? “No I have never done this before, any suggestions you skinny…(well I didn’t say that last bit) and she replied “oh no we don’t like to influence you so just pick some….” HELPFUL! And then “for my wedding I designed my own dress and then I made it – it took 600 hundred hours and Im a size -70 and I looked amazing… Here try this dress on” Me – “ummmmm it looks a little big…” skinny perfect bride replied “Yes it’s a size 20 but I can pin it in a bit….) After that a procession of hideous dresses continued, one was so large it actually stood up on its own like a wedding monster ready to attack me!

We left, I nearly cried, we got coffee, I dropped my egg and bacon sarnie, we laughed (cried inside) and headed to shop number two…..

Karen Forte…. OH MY GOD it was amazing! We walked in and got champagne – SOLD! Then we were taken to the biggest changing room ever with seats for all 4 of my party and then curtains for my changing area….let’s just say they rocked! Katy had an incident with a mannequin, Mamma Peace shed some more tears and more champers was consumed.

I have so far this year cooked three dinners from scratch and I have not been ill once….. this is a definite win! Domestic Goddess points: 150

Tonight I attempt the Gym again….. I feel scared about my lycra being less than forgiving of the tin of roses and other misc items I have consumed this festive season. Project wedding dress is my motivation along with my new playlist starting with pump up the jam and boom shake shake shake the room….

This week I have missed everything about you, I have missed getting excited over the same random wedding ideas, missed eating match makers on the sofa and watching the undateables together.

Until Friday….I love you and miss you Fit one x

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