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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Until February....Days 60 - 65: Full week blues, socks and G-Unit

So as suspected fit one I officially struggled with a first full week back at work….thank lordy for good friends to make the week easier oh and wine…not at work that’s unprofessional - after work obviously tut tut!
Wednesday night called for dinner with the girls….turned up at Katys to find Sarah in an apron cooking dinner whilst Katy manically cleaned the house – I initially felt honoured that she felt the need to do this for me but then she said “ oh God what times your sister coming over?” Apparently she called Sarah in a blind panic requesting she cook dinner whilst Katy cleaned the house all in preparation for my Sisters arrival….. Sarah produced this extravaganza…:

My sister fell asleep and didn’t turn up…FAIL!

Continued the evening by practising make up for the wedding…..Started to feel nervous when Katy came at me with fake tan and a large black sock on her hand!!! “don’t worry I’ll get a makeup brush for the day” After one application they then just burst out laughing and saying things like..”if we blend it more??” I then went to show Katys hubby who just asked me if I had been crying and the word transvestite was used at one point so I’m excited to see the end product as I’m sure you are…..

Friday night I had a gym session…. You always feel pretty pathetic at the gym on a Friday when it’s just you and the gym workers on the machines –note to self MUST GET A LIFE! Went to my Dads after the gym just to confirm that I no longer have a life - that’s the gym and my dad’s on a FRIDAY night!! My sister turned up with her friend and two massive pizzas…. We then watched Hairspray whilst eating mint chocolates….all in all ROCK N ROLL but at least I have recruited Nicola and Jess into the no life crew!
I went for a scrummy lunch date with the ladies on Saturday…ladies what lunch, basically in our heads we were in New York and rocking the sex and city theme, not sure that anyone else in St Ives saw the same image but whatever.

Purchased you some Afghanistan supplies which included kinda bueneos, malted milks, rugby magazines annnnnnd I don’t care that this is sickeningly pathetic and that you will get ripped for having this over there or that you will most likely destroy it upon its arrival….Introducing G-Unit: The tweed clad teddy purchased just for you! Daaaaadaaaaaaa
I also maybe accidently left one pack of malted milks out of the parcel…..bad fiancé points: 55

This week something happened to me… epiphany, a miriacle I don’t know! I went shopping with a lits of ingrediants for scrumtastic dinners. This in itself is as you know not unuualsy but normally I just end up throwing it away as I don’t know how to use most of what I purchase, Not this week! Oh no this week I have cooked for myself three times!! Salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, rice, sweet chille the list is endless and let me tell you fit one it taste good!
Domestic goddess points: 180

Today was the most glorious day and as I woke up to the dazzling sunlight piercing through my cheap curtains I missed you so much, lazy Sundays are not I repeat not the same without you! I instantly sent you an email just to say morning only to see that you had sent one just to say good night….I miss you so much.
This week I have mostly missed: Your massive bear cuddles, watching the undateables together and having a roast dinner and an afternoon drink.

Until Wednesday…..10 weeks and counting - in your face deployment!!!! I love you xx


  1. Stay strong Zoe! I love reading your updates and I worry about you when there hasn't been one for a few days, I don't know what I'll do after 10 weeks when you stop blogging haha.
    Take care xx

  2. i love your blog. my boyfriend is in the army. i havent had to face deployment...yet, but i am sure it will come at some time. however 2 or 3 week exercises with no contact seem to be the norm at the moment so learning to get along with no contact. your blog makes me realise there is plenty of us out there. good luck with the wedding!