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Friday, 23 November 2012

Dear February…Day fourteen: chav shoes, Chesney Hawkes and project goddess

Soooo fit one today has been quite eventful, starting with an epic find this morning. I was searching in the miscellaneous section of the bedroom (yes under the bed) for some paperwork when I found my Chav shoes! This filled me with so much joy, naughty joy the kind of joy where you feel so happy whilst knowing it’s so wrong. I knew that you and the rest of the general public would disapprove of said chav shoes but once I had put them on and embraced my inner chav there was no taking them off. So off to work we went:

Now the Christmas project took a big turn today and I no longer feel I can hide it ALL from you, sooooo part of the project is #smilecampbastion....

Youngest member of #smilecampbastion

This is a project to make you and the rest of the troops in Camp Bastion smile like big fat Cheshire cats… (The rest is a surprise!!) but today we had some familiar faces come aboard #smilecampbastion – drum roll please……da da daaaaaaa:

The "one and only" Chesney Hawkes:

James Buckley woooo hooooooo:

I was kidnapped by Tanya today and force fed chocolate brownie... cor that girl is mean making me have a cup of tea and eat treats:

So I have been inspired on project become a goddess…I’m thinking monsoon pjs to wake up in on Sundays and then I will get showered using some sort of organic weird concoction that other goddesses use before getting dressed into my Crewe chino’s and French connection blazer….. REALITY: Waking up in last nights make up in an Elmo t-shirt, Supermarkets own shower gel and getting dressed into jeans and a vest top! Should probably stop drinking wine out of my mug to:

Today I have mostly missed being able to call you and tell you stupid things I’m excited about, going to the Crown for chilli and chips and looking forward to a lazy morning together.


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