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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Until February…Day thirteen: A fit blonde, good friends and carnage at Sainsbury’s

Sooo it has nearly been two weeks since you left - look at us totally kicking this deployments arse! To celebrate this I went wild and ate some pink wafers… 50p! that’s all that little slice of heaven costs! All hail pink wafers:

Today has been a lot less eventful than yesterday, there was no Alan the polar bear or dwarfs but there was a cupcake left over in the office ready for tea o’clock, it was a party in my mouth...!

And then it was time for a reunion with the bestie, the fit blonde one came into the office for a civilised (ssshhhh) lunchtime catch up! The last time she saw you we were all a bit worse for wear at our “Mexico’s got talent” night – the less said about that the better….. so she is looking forward to another catch up when your back and she is sober.....

The Gouldylocks sent me a very excited message earlier, she has found a right treat for us to attend next year… wasn’t sure whether to post it in case you couldn’t contain your excitement but I can’t keep this from you:

After a very proactive day at work I was feeling a bit sleepy so thank goodness for my nice roommate who offered a more relaxing way for me to go around the supermarket - ROOMMATE POINTS 5 for pushing me around in a trolly:

Project Domestic goddess suffered a severe setback tonight with these items ending up in my troilly – note the token fruit item:

I washed up wearing heals to make up for it though – that’s probably what real domestic goddesses do. They wear Reiss dresses, Dune shoes, probably have a nice caramel head of highlights (classy not trashy) maybe some fashion jewellery mixed in with the odd pearl for an understated effect.  

The sunrise was stunning again this morning, when I took this photo I thought the tree made it look arty but now it just looks like the tree is in the way…

Today I mostly missed you telling me that you love me, making homemade calorific pizzas and listening to you sing the entire Oasis album.
Until tomorrow sleep well Fit one

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