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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Until February...Day Twenty: Sickness, Big Bang and HQ office… ish

Sooooo this will be the shortest update so far - mainly because I have spent the day with my head in the toilet or lying in bed shivering in my Elmo t-shirt thinking I’m suffering a slow painful death…(girl flue) So I did what all self-respecting independent women do….. I called my Pops….
In between my self-pity Pops kept updating me on the progress of #smilecampbastion and we had some serious success today thanks to the DREAMTEAM…. Exciting times ahoy for the campaign, watch this space (not literally because that would be weird and dull)


I did receive a super amazing letter today…. Bluey and an E-bluey from you!!!! Ahhhhhh the best feeling ever! I feel that the postman was also extremely relieved that it had arrived and that I wouldn’t be meeting him up the road morning and night requesting he re check that it’s not in the sack…! Pops read the letters to me whilst I sat on the sofa trying to decide if I was going to cry or be sick…. It was a look that no one should ever see.
Came downstairs when I could finally stand up, made sure I ignored all mirrors in the house, into the kitchen I crawled and Pops was proudly standing next to a real computer and desk he had set up for project #smilecampbastion HQ!!! Attempted to hug him, felt sick, limited hugging, pops put me back to bed.
Awoke a few hours later to this lovely picture courtesy of Ant&Dec sent to us all the way from Australia on the set of I’m a Celeb! What a pair of actual legends!

So I’m very excited for tomorrow evening, heading over to your Mum’s for a weekend of pub giggles, seaside outings, fish ‘n’ chips, girly chats and I imagine some tears! Will be weird sleeping in your room without, at least the John Deere Tractor model is on the bedside table – little bit of you left there to make me chuckle….tractor love!

Best part of the day other than my letters was being able to watch the new episode of Big Bang, quote of the week from Amy:
Female eyebrow curlers…. “they look like tools tinkerbells gynaecologist would use”
Today I have mostly missed you tucking me up in bed when I felt like crap, cuddles and laughing at how rough I look today.


  1. Read your blog every day.You have a great way with words.My OH won't be deployed till next year, I just hope I have half your strength.
    Keep up the good work

  2. I have just sat and read through every single one of your blogs and have to say i think your amazing!! its half 1 in the morning and im sat in bed in awe of you!!! Please keep up your spirits and hope your feeling better soon!!

    sending lots of love!!