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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Until February.... Day Eight: Classics, horses and jams!

Soooo Saturday started out pretty ace, I thought about getting up early and going to the gym so that’s a start…. I didn’t go but at least I thought about it. Did all the boring house things in the morning and then treated myself to an old classic…..:

I gained some domestic goddess points yesterday by making (well starting) a hotpot – daaadaaaa:

I miss you so much that I even sat down to watch a rugby match on TV! I don’t what you’ve done to me I never used to sit and watch sport on a Saturday afternoon but here I was with a wagon wheel, a Yorkshire tea and Scotland VS South Africa! I must get girlfriend points for that!

Then it was off to Birmingham to see the Spanish riding school with mum, now considering I don’t particularly like horses I wasn’t holding out much hope that I would actually enjoy this evening. As we arrived in Birmingham we then did the typical mother daughter arguing in the car about where to park and the fact that the sat nav is wrong must be my fault! Managed to find a space and not kill each other – winning!

Walked right past the canal where we went for dinner ages ago and the comedy club…. Made me smile like so:
The horses were actually amazing, team GB were there so I felt less like I missed out on the Olympics now so that was an added bonus! I was a little disappointed that the dancing horses and their riders didn’t do Gangnam style but whatever!

Getting out of the car park was so much fun and not at all stressfull…..

And then the motorway was closed……..
Rules on sleeping in the car? I know I should have stayed awake but I just couldn’t – bad daughter points! We got back around 3am!
Today I missed your laugh and maybe I have been playing the video of us at Extreme just so I can hear it, I miss you rugby tackling me, drinking tea together and well just you.
Untill this evening…  xxx

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