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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Until February....Day Nine: tractors, good friends and a donkey

Sunday – the second without fit one here but thanks to good friends, Dallas, crumpets and a random tractor I have been smiling all day.

Had a mega lay in which was just amazing, at one point I even made my alarm go off just so I could turn it off again (taking back the power) and then I made a breakfast of champions!
Soooo decided as it was sunny to go for a walk because I’m at the age now where I can just "go for a walk"anywho off we went to collect some Sunday newspapers to read with tea and my roommate made me “misplace” a one direction poster from a shocking newspaper (which will remain unnamed) into the less shocking paper that I was purchasing – I felt so rebellious breaking rules (does rock and roll sign above head)

The trees and leaves look so beautiful I took a little pic for you which I’m sure you will think is totally crap but here it is anyway because I was feeling all romantic and what not;
And then….. I spotted a tractor and thought ooooh this is an old one I haven’t seen before lets grab a photo as he goes past… then he stops, reverses and asks why I’m taking a photo – I explain and he lets me have a picture on the tractor bonus! Then he asks if i'm interested in maybe seeing his furry donkey in his shed!!!! Declined that nice offer:

Then it was time for some planning of your Christmas surprise (which will feature on the blog on Christmas eve) with the lovely Sarah, which then ventured off into tea, biscuits and watching DALLAS  - cheese fest!

If the mug says it:

So I’m now planning what DIY projects I can start on the house… I know this is a very bad idea and will probably require you fixing all of my DIY mistakes on your return but I’m going to get some dungaree’s on (because that’s what you have to wear to be successful at DIY) and crack on – famous last words.

So one week down, I miss you more each day if that’s possible and today I mostly missed Sunday cuddles, roast dinners and arguing over who has control of the TV.

Until tomorrow – stay classy San Diego x

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