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Friday, 16 November 2012

Until February....Day Seven: The good, the bad and the ugly

So one week.... you have been gone officially one week now! Still thinking about you every day and mostly at inappropriate times for example:

- Use of the phonetic alphabet on the phone earlier whilst attempting to replace a lost ticket for tomorrow (that’s another story) "yes yes S forSam..."

- Lady at the BP garage was taking a while to put my payment through and I found myself staring at her tash.... reminded me of the early days of the Hogan knows best tash you had

- Colleague at work - "do you want a mcvities biscuit?" I hear"fitty mcvitty (aka you)”

 Your choice of advent calendars for the girls has created quite a commotion at work as the one below is some sort of scientific educational programme, our Director commented on said advent calendar and another big cheese did too!Obviously that's why you purchased the calendar it wasn’t just pot luck - either way its making me look good at work so thanks very much!

Soooo got a lovely morning call from you today, it sucks that your leave has been moved to late March now but I guess this is all part of the Army life – w etake the good, the bad and the ugly because no one said it would be easier but it will be worth it.
Something spectacular happened today - I realised I'm sat opposite Ron Burgandy.....! Well ok its Rich growing a tash for movemeber but from now on he shall be known as Mr Burgandy:

Then it was time… time for stage one of project “wow the boyfriend on his return” get my ass to the gym. Daaadaaaaaa……

Whilst on a roll I thought about attempting project “domestic goddess” by cooking from one of my many cook books:

Realised that was a stupid idea, had a word with myself and poured a nice glass of wine instead and then sat down to cry like an idiot to children in need – my Friday night is wild!

Soooo I’m all set to send your parcel tomorrow and let’s be honest this is probably the best gift you could ever receive – all hail Yorkshire tea:

I miss you, today I mostly missed eating gammon and chips with you, brownies and cream for pudding and cuddling whilst listening to your version of Usher pop your collar…… pop pop

Until tomorrow, night fit one x

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