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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Until February... Day Eleven: twitter, Rudolph and getting my yoga on

So today something crazy happened, people are reading my blog and I mean real actual PEOPLE from all over the world - Kuwait, Argentina, USA, Germany and of course the UK massive! I have had more hits today (500!!!) than the rest of the days combined - so massive thanks to HelpforHero's and all of the re tweets that followed.

I have literally never done anything of any real meaning in my entire life unless you count playing a tree (very convincingly) in my school play? So I hope this blog inspires and helps others too because A) that would be nice and B) it would make me feel like I could tell my parents I am now a success story of sorts...??

After work I was supposed to be attempting yoga yes yoga - for my inner Zen! Aim was: Don’t laugh or get stuck in some weird position, could be awkward!

Oh noooooo yoga was cancelled…..;-( bad times! What can you do – eat biscuits? Yep agreed but the biscuits are after I did a spin class instead!!! Skinny Minnie I am on THE way!

This will be on route to Afghanistan for you and one for Rich too because I’m pretty sure it’s what every soldier needs on tour….. I know I know I buy the most useful gifts. I was totally tempted to keep this, something very empowering about sitting with a glass of wine in a Reindeer onesie!
Amazing fact I discovered during a conversation with the girls today about Donkeys (as you do) turns out that Donkeys are not waterproof!!! Huh who knew!

Had a lovely email from your Nan and Grandad today – made me feel all emotional about how lovely your family are to me! I styled out the emotional tears by fake sneezing (what tears??)

I was met with news on the BBC that James Bond visited Afghanistan, now if you haven’t got me and Mamma G a signed photo (fine ok yes a naked one will do) then I will revoke my offer to cook for you on R&R.... (Ok yes I admit that was a shameful attempt to get out of cooking and to get a pervy photo of James Bond - you see right through me)

Today I have been questioned over this item stuck to my PC……

I don’t know what’s so weird about having a moustache stuck to your computer; in fact it’s probably weirder not to have one! Discuss….

Today I mostly miss your laugh so I have been replaying this just so I can hear it again:

Until tomorrow, stay classy San Diego

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  1. I'm reading the blog too and I love it!! I saw it on the Daily Mail website.

    I am a UK expat living in Muscat, Oman so you will be getting some views from Oman!