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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Until February…Day twelve: Cake, furry hats, a shop window and missing you

Sorry for the late post Fit one, I have been busy purchasing more useless presents to send to you. I nearly bought a giant fake boob but thought better of that idea and decided instead on this beauty - I named him Alan:

Ahhhhh Alan....then I thought about posting and packaging so unfortunately no polar bear for you – sorry!

Today has been a mixed bag of highs and lows: highs included cake glorious cake! They were placed on our desks as a treat from work, as I arrive first I spent the morning removing cakes from empty desks or "away on holiday" desks and placing said cakes on my desk! Breakfast of champions!
Now you remember the post about the fence and my potential excuses for my neighbour should it collapse? Well today the fence officially died...sob sob, and I went with option C  so we now have a "communal" garden! Only issue being their dogs poo but you have to take the good with the bad, at least we can all stand around and drink mulled wine together at Christmas in our "communal " area.
After work we decided to head into Cambridge for some Christmas shopping and most definitely not I repeat not to have a Mc Donald’s! I started to feel a bit emotional as we arrived in town, think it hit me that you won’t be here for Christmas so I had to have a word with myself! I came up with the following steps to stop feeling sad:
Step one: Hang out with some Christmas dwarfs in the middle of a shopping centre

Step two: Go on a child's ride at Santa’s grotto

Step three: Try on furry hats and act like animals

The end of the shopping trip was my highlight: as we past Debenhams I saw a shining vision of exactly what our Christmas table will look like next year! On completion of "project become a domestic goddess" this is what our dining room (yes I know we don’t have one but work with me here) will look like:

It was sooooo amazing to hear from you again today, the feeling I get after I speak to you is incredible! it’s a mix of happiness, deep tummy hurting missing you, excitement for our future and then annoyance at all of the things I should have said and didn’t like this:

"If I could I would do anything to be with you for just a single second of cuddles"

Oh one more thing after my romantic quote above.....if I have enough good girlfriend points please can I have this bike for Christmas - I appreciate this one is not real but if you could make it real that would be ace! (you don't have to put presents in the basket unless you really want to...)

Until tomorrow, good night fit one x

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