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Monday, 19 November 2012

Until February….Day ten: sunrises, food envy and moustache glory!

***UPDATE FOR TODAY - LATE ADDITION: You just called and it was the best phone call ever and I feel like going for a mad celebration dash around the house because hearing from you is THE best thing since sliced bread - FACT!***

I got up to go for a run this morning, even put my trainers on and everything which is pretty much the same thing as going for a run surely…..

Another stunning sunrise on the way to work, it was freezing though so didn’t get out of the car which had a warm heater; the smudges on the window make it look arty!

Arrived at work feeling very smug with my homemade lunch, made sure I walked past people whilst casually displaying said homemade lunch – arrived at my desk and felt the need to do a victory shake above my head at just how well I was doing at being a culinary queen.

Lunchtime came and it tasted awful but totally styled it out making noises such as:

-          “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”
-           “Cor that was lovely”
The canteen then had this on display and I instantly had food envy…. Sooooo challenge is learn to make this dish of heaven (chicken and chorizo paella) anyone fancy helping me PLEASE!

This may make you sad because I know that your Hulk Hogan tash was always the best one in town…..

but today I had a meeting with an office legend and I fear he may have taken the hulk Hogan movember crown – introducing The Eagling and his glory moustache:

Robs raising money for charity with this beast of a tash so visit this link if you want to splash some cash for a good cause:

Anywhoo this evening was extremely non dramatic and mainly spent looking at all my bills and lack of money and working out ways to make it all better, plan:
A)     Change my name by de pol and move to Tibet to live with the monks
B) Find a rich gay best friend who wants to save me from my cheap clothes and take me to Selfridges
C)Hide all paperwork behind the cabinet in the living room and then it doesn’t count

 Went with option C…. 

Today I mostly missed hearing how you did something inappropriate at work, talking about our plans for the weekends and laughing about nothing in particular.

 That’s me for today, until tomorrow night Fit one.

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  1. Hiya!

    I know its been a few months since you posted this but I this but I wanted to comment as Ive just found it! Slowly making my way through it alternating between laughing out loud and wanting to cry!

    My gorgeous little soldier goes back to Afgan in a couple of months - the first time since Ive know him and we've been together! Reading that you set yourself little challenges and stuff to pass the time to deal with missing 'the fit one' has given me hope that I wont just stay in bed crying in my onesie!

    Thank you so much for sharing, although I appreciate thats not why you begun this!

    To give something back to you, heres an amazing recipe like the one you wanted above:

    (I also cant cook and leave out the prawns.. turns out alright!!)

    Thank you again!

    Lots of love, the girl who now wont be spending 5 months in a onesie! xx