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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dear February...Day Twenty one: Norfolk, The Fox and a few Martini's

Well today has been a good day, firstly I woke up and my head didn't feel like it was pressed between a vice which is always a winner...! Then I remembered no more sleeps till my Norfolk visit to your Mamma G which called for a happy dance around the bedroom courtesy of Rick Astley (80's FM)

Check this out for a sunrise...
After counting down the hours it was time for Norfolk..arrived at Mamma G's house and we frantically did my hair to try and stop me looking like I had a mullet.. not sure that this was a look to be envied either though:

Then it was time for my most favourite place in the entire world..... The Fox and Hound in Great Moulton! Yes I did a have a few tears brimming as I normally get drunk and act inappropriately here with you but then I pulled myself together and got on the martini's with your mum.

The lovely Davie and Jessie we are as usual the most amazing hosts, I ate far to much - standard, didn't get to drunk - not standard.

Then we got a little group shot to make you smile daaaddaaaaaa:

Here a few other friends and family who wanted to join in - the dogs are for a certain person you work with out there:

With much love from Nan and Grandad......

Oh and this one... well it beats me in a bikini so happy Friday and thanks to the lovely Nick Knowles beautiful wife:

So today we plan to go and have a pint at the brewery in Norfolk, get a bit of sea air (yes it is snowing but we will not be beaten) and then most probably a takeaway...hmmmm hows my diet you say?? Oh its one of those healthy takeaways......

Today I mostly missed arriving in Norfolk to your cheeky face, getting drunken at the Fox and Hound, making epic breakfasts in the morning and just being together.

Until tomorrow - I love you xxx

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  1. handsome pair of pooches there! top blogging!!