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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dear February…Day Thirty: Christmas market, brand new fluffy hat and the first Christmas card (with tears..)

Woke up and did the roll over to your side ready for a Sunday morning cuddle… weren’t there…quickly put 80’s FM on to fill the loud silence (poor attempt at a metaphor but work with me fit one) Instead of crying into my pillow I looked at my calendar and realised we have successfully completed 30 days apart! This is officially called:


Then it was off to the Christmas Market – got super excited about the roasted chestnuts (they smelt so blooming delicious) I then remembered I don’t really like roasted chestnuts – wish I did so I could join the Hunter welly’s, Barbour jacket wearing brigade (another military pun) and eat chestnuts and talk about my “beloved” horse Gerard. You can only be part of that group if you eat roasted chestnuts which is a real shame…
I did develop some serious hat envy walking around the market… fluffy hats and fake fur everywhere I looked! I suddenly realised that to make my Sunday complete I to would need one, my initial attempt was not quite the look I was going for but I was tempted as I’m sure monkey head hats will be the “it” item soon:

Eventually decided on this one… I walked around in this all day but once we returned back to Cambridgeshire this hat suddenly seemed ridiculous and I’m 100% sure you would laugh at said hat… It now has pride of place on the coat rack and it may well be going on an outing to the Cotswolds next week to see if it fits in better there:

Look who I found… I asked him if he could possibly give me a ride to Camp Bastion to see you but we were concerned we may not be allowed in – the thought was there though, Cheers Santa:

Arrived home and in the post was a Christmas card…. Clearly I was excited (1. It’s my first card and 2. there is always the possibility of a cheque….) It was addressed to the two of us… at this point Q tears, gradually reduced to sniffles, eventually replaced by the odd sigh, finally left with excitement for our Christmas next year. This is known as a FULL CIRCLE OF EMOTION or in the wise words of Ron Burgandy:

Spent the evening watching the X Factor final… ..That’s all I will say because I know you couldn’t give a hoot who won and I though it represented you ignoring me talking about it really well....

Today I have mostly missed trying on stupid hats together, drinking hot cider and watching Elf together.
Until tomorrow… we are one day closer and I can’t wait x


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  1. Hi! I found your blog after seeing it on the daily mail website, and as a fellow military girlfriend, i was interested to read! I can totally sympathise (too patronising, i can totally GET) with everything you're going through, and you are a brilliant inspiration to me, without trying to sound cheesy. I won't see my boyfriend for 3 weeks (sorry, I know 6 months is a lot longer!) and after your final line of "we're one day closer", that was exactly what I needed to hear today and helped me keep my chin up. This blog is hilarious and it's brilliant that you're doing this for him - such a good idea! Good for you girl! Such a good readXxxxxx