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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Until February...Day Twenty Nine: Sleepathon, Festive spirit and Gourmet meal.. ish..

I decided I would treat myself to a lay in….. Lay in indeed! I did not move from my bed until after midday! I was also feeling pretty rough… I have since worked out the reasons for this: after turning the heating up to tropical temperatures last night I forgot to turn it off – result was: massively hard to get out of bed and a banging headache! This word is often over used but in this case it’s totally justified: FAIL

After having a luke warm/cold shower (in December!!!) to cool down I then headed over to Pappa Peaces for two reasons:  1. I wanted to see him 2.I had run out of edible food and tea bags.
The festivities have begun in the Peace household, copious amounts of food and the Christmas decorations are up! Daaaadaaaaaaaa (yes my Father is cuddling a singing snowman with a trumpet…)
I haven’t stopped thinking about you today, maybe it’s the festivity in the air or the fact that I saw a tractor decked out in tinsel but it feels like you should be with me.
My sister made a surprise visit back to our parents’ house, this was unexpected and I had to think fast as I was most definitely wearing her cardigan that I most definitely had taken without asking her… OH CRAP!! With roughly 34 seconds before she saw and no wear to hide I decided to work with the fact that she has the wardrobe of an A list movie star and there is no way she can remember all of her items. The result: TOTALLY WORKED!!! The cardigan is now mine by default as the rule is “if you don’t claim it back there and then your bigger older sister can have it”…!

But just in case she happens to read this...:

I decided to attempt to cook myself an actual meal… I want to say gourmet and to me it really was but I fear you may not agree. I put an apron on, poured some wine and set out on my quest. The end product was actually totally delicious…Domestic Goddess points: 40
  • Points deducted for eating on the sofa and not at the table: 5
  • Points awarded for using a tray... all domestic goddesses who eat on the sofa (modern goddesses) use trays: 5
I have never been totally tummy turning, goose bumps, eyes welling up overwhelmed before, until last night….you read the blog about the Christmas tree or lack and arranged for one to be delivered. I will forever cherish this fake, silver, pre decorated tree because it stands for so much to me. Even when we have a massive real tree, a fireplace with stockings on, two husky dogs and one of those round festive flower things that goes on your front door above the door knocker thing… I will always proudly display the tree you bought me for our Christmas apart.
Today I have mostly missed mocking my Pops singing Christmas toys together, shaking all of the gifts under the tree with our name on and going for an afternoon drink at the pub.
Until tomorrow... sweet dreams Fit one x

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