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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Until February...Day Twenty two: Roadtrip, wine and Lion King

Soooo Saturday was all planned out as…. Lay in at Mamma G’s, lazy morning, trip to the Adnams brewery, a pint or two, takeaway and Saturday night TV. That did not happen as I received “that” phone call and it went a bit like this:
Important clever person at the BBC with a nice voice “So we wondered if you would like to be on BBC breakfast & news tomorrow?”
Me the non media trained potty mouth person “Holy cow are you fricking serious”

Important clever person at the BBC with nice voice “ Uhhhh yes Miss Peace we are”

Me the (oh you get the picture) “I need to check with my agent person….” I hear you say Agent?? No its Mamma G – we are pulled over in a layby deciding in whispers (because that meant important person at the BBC couldn’t hear obviously) whether we should go. The main concern being that we would have to forfeit our pint of Adnams…. BIG decision!

We said yes after agreeing that we would have a bottle of wine in Manchester instead! Let the road trip commence!

Frantic packing, establishing I have no decent clothes, sweets we need sweets (no roadtrip is complete without sweets) sat nav, GO! Thelma and Louise was our chosen roadtrip theme:
After some scrummy food and a few drinks we decided to sit in our room in bed making a list of what I should most definitely not do on live TV:
Don’t swear
Don’t sweat
Don’t eat garlic
Don’t nervous laugh
Don’t do any I repeat any dancing
Don’t sing
Don’t wave at the end of the interview
My Mum went to the westend to see the Lion King and after a few large glasses of wine and being spurred on by her friends she got me the most amazing #smilecampbastion picture from the cast:

Today I mostly missed having you here to share this with me, to ask your advice and to cuddle you at the end of the day.

Until tomorrow…. Yours always xx

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