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Monday, 17 December 2012

Until February…Day thirty eight and thirty nine: Becoming a woman, nuts and feeling festive

I would like to blame my lovely friend for me not being able to blog yesterday…! She made me have the most amazing fun day and before I knew it I was way past my bed time! It shows that we are getting old when we panicked having realised it was past 22:30!!!

Yesterday consisted of me waking up massively excited because today was the day….. the day I become a women…the day I cook a roast!!! (Definition of I actually being Katy being head chef and I was more the sous…) First things first… Tescos ….to learn about ingredients because to top off the challenge we had also decided to make a cake! Shopping trip included this:
Scratch and sniff eggs!!! Katy was unsure what this meant and decided that clearly you were meant to scratch the eggs and proceeded to do just that... Q strange looks! Turns out you just scratch and sniff the box…. Bit weird either way.
This is a hint... I would like one of these (not Katy the chocolate)
If you were a walnut where would you be in the supermarket… ?We searched the nut isle high and low and nope they were nowhere to be found! Oh no they are in home baking….. THEIR NUTS THEY SHOULD BE IN THE NUT ISLE!!! Katy suggested we put something in the suggestion box about making things easier to find…. We couldn’t find the suggestion box.
We arrived back at Katy’s and checked out the successful trip…….daddddaaaaaa look at all the real food because we are real goddesses!
Katy then turned Sargent Major on my ass…..I was put to work and puppy dog eyes did not work on her like they do you! Here I am pealing actual vegetables – go me!
Whilst the food was cooking we started on the cake, I used kitchen scales for the first time in my life, discovered that I will always need Katy on speed dial, realised I’m good at cracking eggs and totally enjoyed icing sugar – that stuff is good! Then it was all stations go…. Jesus the last 10 minutes of a roast are horrific! I just kept hearing the generation game them tune music as I frantically tried to get everything out of the oven and on to the plate! And look at the result!!! Can I get an AMEN!

What followed was far too much food (again) and then Geordie shore (don’t judge me) and then a chic flic! Pretty much a perfect day except I couldn’t tell you all about it when I got home and into bed.
Today has been pretty dull, the week before Christmas when most of your colleagues have annual leave and the staffing levels drop to about 10% and everyone left at work is really quiet and just wants the week to end.

Arrived home to a massive parcel……..It was the most amazing Christmas tree, decorations and sparkles from you to make the house all festive!!This is the best present ever and I can’t thank you enough…. I have spent the evening randomly bursting into tears though because I would have given anything to have been hanging the decorations with you.

Today and yesterday I have mostly missed you being able to taste my scrummy roast, singing cheesy festive songs and having a cuddle.


  1. Come on Zoey - every two days just isn't good enough even though you are a Domestic Goddess!!!


  2. Zoey, well done you (for the cake that is).
    Your blog is great and I am enjoying reading your escapades. I am sure Fit One is well impressed!!
    Your tree looks fab. Hope you get this back out for his return, as it will be Christmas every day then.

    keep writing and keep your chin up.