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Friday, 7 December 2012

Until February…Day Twenty Eight: Friday feeling, Radio studio giggles and an old friend!

I most definitely woke up late, actually beyond late! When you look at the alarm clock in a slight daze and then the digits become clear, you realise you are 100 % screwed!! Normally this would be bad – today it was really bad as I was due to be at BBC Cambridge for a radio interview at 07:30 and I had agreed to pick a friend up on the way……Q a leap out of bed that a gold medal winning athlete would have been proud of, the quickest shower in the world (more of a splash), frantic make up application and an award winning speed hair drying session. Pulled back some time by already having my “casual” Friday clothes prepared!

Made it to the BBC (just) and had a totally ace time being interviewed for #smilecampbastion. Discovered the following: I laugh when nervous, I say ummmmmmm a lot, headphones and a bob don’t look good together and that apparently you don’t need to shout as that’s what the microphone is for!

I spent the day on countdown for the most rock n roll Friday evening ever; I could not contain my excitement when it was finally time! I arrived home, I turned the heating up to tropical temperatures, I threw my clothes off around the room because I can, proceeded to put on my PJ’s and met up with Merlot (again) had a nap and then the lovely Sarah popped over. All of this was achieved before 19:00 hours, when I do something I like to do it properly. Go hard or go home right…?

One of my oldest friends got in touch day, we were inseparable at school – we caused both our parents some early gray hairs back in our teens. Now we haven’t really seen each other in years for reasons… nope no reasons maybe just life gets in the way? Our friendship mainly consisted of these highlights:
Obsessed with white eyeliner, singing Destiny’s child, hockey, house parties, detentions, blue Adidas zip top (it was cool back then) flared jeans that she used to bring us back from Florida because they were clearly the only jeans we could have, pet rat, bunk beds, sneaking into her sisters room and stealing (borrowing) anything we could get our hands on, knowing the rap verse to the remixed version of Oh what a night, my parents drinks cabinet, being grounded for the rest of the year, sleeping on top of a bus stop and roller skating.

I can’t wait to see her again and hopefully you can meet her when you're home, a big part of my past meeting my future. It's moments like this when I miss you so much,I'm that emotional even a toothpaste advert could make me cry!
I am so excited to start my column for the paper, in my head I am Carrie Bradshaw, you are Mr Big (take from that what you will) my 2 bed semi is actually a chic New York apartment, I will drink skinny soya lattes, write into a leather journal and wear chunky knitwear that I can wrap around me whilst I gaze into the sky sat on my door step being inspired….. too much?
All Hail Carrie Bradshaw:
Today I have mostly missed feeling excited all day because I get to see you after work, going to a Christmas party with you so you can make my colleagues laugh and you putting me into bed when I am a wee bit tipsy - yet you still tell me that you love me.

Until tomorrow…I love you

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