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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Until February…Day Twenty Seven : Sleep deprivation, good news phone call and Panto madness

So after minimal sleep – approximately 4 hours, I woke up feeling less then chirpy. Shower usually helps but not today, today even the shower annoyed me with its stupid shower head where one part doesn’t quite work so you get a rebel spray of water that squirts right into your eye!  I nearly face planted my porridge for breakfast as I nodded off again…. So by the time I arrived at work I looked a little like this at my desk:

My working day was that of complete averageness… one query I have is just how many days can I eat my chicken stir fry for?? It still taste delicious, like a full on party in my mouth but I would like to clarify that it won’t cause me to spend the next 24 hours vomiting?
After work we went to Fiona’s house to get changed for the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime, not changed as in ready to star in the production just changed for pub and the show as spectators….Whilst the others drank tea I found a wig in Fiona’s fancy dress box of dreams and established why I should never have “bangs” or black hair – here is the reason:

Received the most amazing phone call from the Eastern Daily Press today…. You are now looking at one of the EDP columnists!!! Can you believe it! I am having an actual column in an actual paper! To express how happy I was at that point I did some punching the air with my fist actions, a few high pitched bordering on annoying squeals and then a sort of running man inspired skip. Winning!

Pub was just what the doctor ordered…. A nice shandy (responsible driver) and then Gammon, eggs and chips like we normally have at the pub… missed you right at the second it was delivered and I realised only you would be thinking the same as me… “ you call that a portion of chips???!!!”
Pantomine… Ok so in my head it was definitely going to be like a grown up school play and it would clearly last no longer than say 1 hour…?? Oh no 3 HOURS!!  But it was 3 hours of pure cheese tastic, wardrobe malfunctions, over priced sweets awesomeness!! Not sure how this happened either but I developed a strange attraction to the dame…..

These lovely ladies (for this purpose I will call them Dorris and Dolly) were ordering their take away for after - love a bit of forward planning!

Today I have mostly missed being able to call you and tell you the good news, getting into bed and not being able to sleep so speaking to you until I can and cuddling to warm up.

Until tomorrow – stay classy San Diego


  1. I am loving reading this. How marvellous that you can keep in touch this way. Very different in the first Gulf War when contact was solely by paper bluesy and care parcels. DJM

  2. I agree, its a great blog and fantastic to see the personal side of deployment.
    I read every day in my RSS and it would be fab to see you on Facebook.