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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Until February…Day Twenty Five: Frost, John Lewis and Cheesy Christmas photo

Woke up pretty much numb from the head down, I still haven’t “bled” the radiator because it still sounds very dramatic, so instead I’m sleeping in a bedroom freezer and wearing excessive clothing! It’s going to be a long winter…!

After my fantastic start on being a responsible adult yesterday I continued this morning by making a packed lunch and a flask for the commute to work… I was impressed with myself! Turns out re heated stir fry is quite possibly the scummiest most delicious thing ever!! Good job I have enough for a small Army (military pun intended) should last me all week!

It was so beautiful this morning, all frosty and shiny and romantic! The type of weather where I imagine myself wearing some sort of Barbour inspired outfit and possibly a fake fur hat…(too much?) and we would most definitely be going for long walks and then it would warm up as the sun breaks through, I would be wearing my Rayberries  (the cooler 90% cheaper than Rayban) sunglasses and then you would break the romantic mood with some sort of loud bodily function – standard!

We had our Christmas photo today at work, think American Christmas card image! Tinsel around our necks and all standing on the stairs waving cheerily… It was so amazingly fantastically festive I loved it!!

I was still feeling a bit festive and quite cheerful later on, even did a house clean when I got in. Then…. The John Lewis advert happened; I have never shed so many tears to an advert!! Those two snowmen really get you by the heart strings! The way Mr Snowman goes all the way over mountains into town and finally makes his destination.....John Lewis and then he goes inside to get Mrs Snowman a scarf and some gloves before making the treacherous journey back again…sob sob sob – it’s like a short version of “The Notebook”
This evening I plan to be in bed by 22:00 hours (note the use of the 24 hour clock A La Army – just call me Private Benjamin), pretty rock and roll I know but I plan on having a busy few days and due to being over the age of 21 I now have to "pre" sleep for later nights during the week.
Here is one of my favourite #smilecampbastion pics for you – the England 7s Rugby squad! Massive thanks to the lovely Ollie Phillips and the rest of the guys;

Today I have mostly missed being able to go and walk on the frosty grass and hear it crunch under my wellies with you, going to pick a Christmas tree even if there is nowhere in the house for it and trying hot pimms for the first time together.
Until tomorrow… just know I love you, always x

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