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Monday, 3 December 2012

Until February…Day Twenty four: Advent calendar disappointment, voicemail and cooking!

After the excitement of the weekend and being ridiculously tired I planned a minimal day of being averagely productive without over doing it… Started off very well – got out of bed averagely late, made porridge averagely OK (bit runny) arrived at work averagely on time (just), made an average cup of tea and was ready for the day to be lovely and average.

Then I was hit with a  burst of excitement when I realised I had THREE days of  my advent calendar to open, the one you gave me (the Marvel heroes one) has taken pride of place for weeks on my desk and even the chocolate voice in my head did not make me open it! This excitement soon led to Incredible Hulk style rage when I opened it to find the world’s smallest chocolates…. MOCKING me that’s what they were doing MOCKING me!!! Look at this….. (Shocking)

After work I decided that I would stop living off cereal, crackers, hot dogs and soup - so  off I went armed with an actual grown up shopping list of fresh food and “essential” cupboard items! I felt empowered!! I used my Nectar card like a mature adult and everything – even put my receipts in the receipt section of my purse… Acting like a real adult points: 50!

Pappa Peace popped over, helped me do a few bits around the house, we moved the sofa and established that I am most definitely the type of person that hoovers around the sofa… Domestic Goddess points deducted – 18!

After cooking myself a chicken stir fry, pouring a glass of wine and sitting down to Home and Away I felt like I had successfully achieved my averagely average day with the added bonus of having real food in the house including some cheese from the counter like a real domestic goddess!

Tears just before I started writing today's entry, heard a funny joke and I called to tell you – it went to voicemail before I realised autopilot had kicked in. You can’t answer the phone because you don’t have one out there, I felt tears start to fill my eyes – downed my wine to see if that helped….it didn’t so instead I called my voicemail and listened to an answer phone message you left me ages ago saved specifically for moments like this.

This one was written for you:

Amazing responses on twitter today and thanks to all of the people helping on the project #smilecampbastion, so overwhelmed at the support! So here are a few of the best from today:

Today I mostly missed waking up to your cheeky face, watching an idiot abroad 3 and enjoying the stir fry with you just like the week before you deployed.

Until tomorrow….I love you and can’t wait to hear your voice xx

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  1. LOVE your blog! I am also the girlfriend of a soldier and your blog is making me feel so much better about his second deployment next year. Keep up the good work!