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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Until February…Day Twenty Six: Christmas jumper envy, mamma peace and Xmas grump

Soooo today I planned on getting up early, going for a run ( I know hilarious thought really) then I was going to take ages getting ready and go into work looking really nice *when I say nice I mean better than I usually do which near on resembles a tramp.

None of the above happened, not even remotely close – in fact I was late and basically threw on a concoction of clothing from my dryer – note that the clothes were not dry which is always slightly annoying when it’s snowing outside…
I had Christmas jumper envy today – Look at this!!! To cool – and her mum made it!

I am being persuaded by friends to attempt to put some Christmas decoration’s up – I have tried to explain that the only decorations I have are a 12 pack of baubles for the tree. I don’t have a tree and can’t afford one (desperate times but food or a tree – food!!!) So now we are thinking of another ways to display said baubles…! Can we have the most amazing Christmas next year, can we wear matching jumpers, have nibbles around the house like posh people do in little bowls and those classy “I made them myself” but really you bought them shabby chic decorations. Maybe a fireplace too, and stockings, and a random annoying singing animal that’s on a sensor to annoy my Pops? Oh lets not forget my dream, my aim in life…. To own a drinks cabinet!! Not any old one oh no this one!
I spent the evening setting up our Facebook page eeeeeekkkk, eating some chorizo, Mexicana cheese, cracker bread washed down with a glass of wine. Then Mamma Peace came over and it was time to teach her how to use twitter…Now I love my mother dearly and its moments like this you live for when she says “oh I will follow these people they look nice…Oh this lady is ummmm ... ummmm well she says she is very good at certain rude things…what should I do” What should you do…???? What should you do?????  (Repeated for dramatic effect) Don’t follow mother do not follow! ABORT ABORT – I grab the laptop and teach Mum how to block people!
You called me last night just because you wanted to hear my voice… I think it’s possibly one of the most beautiful phone calls I have ever received. You take speaking to someone for granted, you take hearing their tones (sarcasm usually) their laugh, the way you say certain words. I miss it all, I miss all of you every little thing.

Thank you for saying what you did tonight, being me and staying true to who I am - you give me the courage to do that.
Today I mostly missed sharing my ideas with you, looking at the “snow” (more like a snowman with the flue sneezed on Cambridge but don’t want to ruin the magical illusion) and curling up on the sofa before we have a nap.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and I love you x

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