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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Until February...Day Twenty three: BBC, free croissants and Norfolk support

Woke up to my alarm which might as well have been screaming at me “quick get up and go and make a fool of yourself on national TV” Instantly thought I was going to be sick on stepping out of bed – oh dear this was not a good start.

Showered, eyebrows, hair, re did hair, make up, re did make up, asked your mum to do my hair, dressed, changed, changed again, changed back to original outfit choice….

The BBC sent a car… ha that could have been it for me - just having someone send a car was amazingly cool, they could have just taken me for a lap in the car and I would have been happy. No they took us to the BBC studios eeeeeek and there was a lovely lady waiting for us and she knew my name and I nearly threw up on her!

Then I went to make up…. It was a total blur but she made my face look slightly better than it did naturally! It was never going to be a winning face but lordy she made it look the best it ever has – thank you nice make up lady with the “mad” make up “skills”

Then we sat in the “green room” area, I was offered food and drink but for everyone’s sake I declined. Duuuuuhhhh duuuuuhhhh duuuuuuuuhhhhh it was time “Zoey if you could come through please” I looked around for the nearest possible escape route and did contemplate a sprint finish to the exit… but my fitness level is not what it used to be and the lady with the clipboard looked quick, she would have caught me! Darn it I was trapped! J

This happened – it actually happened! I sat on THAT red sofa with the lovely Naga and John:

Afterwards I had to wait around for an hour for the second interview eeeeeeek! Managed to get through them without doing most of the things on my list from yesterday however I did do a wave!!! An actual cheese fest of wave – cringe!
Slight mishap on the second interview – they called me in, the lady with the clipboard was otherwise occupied so I thought well I shall just go and sit down on the sofa next to my buddy John…. Pretty much rugby tackled to the ground just before I walked right in front of the camera and autoque…. Most definitely not a media savvy girl yet!

After all the interviews I was starving – free croissants and coffee A WOOOOOO HOOOOO! Thanks so much to the BBC for the best day ever! We even managed a cheeky pic with Mamma G on the sofa!

After a long drive home I am now sat in my PJs with a glass of Pinot and some toast and jam…. Going all out! After the blog I shall be planning the next stage of #smilecampbastion, from more celebs (COME ON PEEPS), fundraising and twitter! I have received the most amazing pictures from people all over the UK for the project and here are some of the best from today!
(Note the Norfolk love from the EDP)
Then you sent me this one and I blooming love it - big up to Richard Bacon out on Camp Bastion and darling you are looking like a proper fitty mcvitty!
Today I have mostly missed having you by my side to stop me from running away at the BBC, roadtrips with you singing along to cool “indie” songs and cuddles on the sofa.

Until tomorrow… stay classy out there San Diego!

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  1. You were fantastic on the tv, could not tell you were nervous.

    Keep up the good work.